October Energies – Where Are We?


September was a very intense month, with some overwhelming energy at times.

‘Wave X’ (which should be called ‘River X’ since it is a constant flow, not a wave), which began affecting us severalOctober Energies - Where Are We? by Claudia McNeely months ago, continued to flow through. We had two Eclipse’s, one combined with a Blood Moon on September 28.

Of course, much was predicted about what would happen on that date. We were going to get hit by a meteor, there was going to be THE Earthquake on the US West Coast, billions of people were going to ascend, etc. It very much reminded me of what we were told about Y2K, Hale Bopp Comet, 12/12/12, etc.

Of course, just like with those other dates, there was no mass ascension, the US West Coast is still in one piece and the World continues to spin.

But, much did happen to us during September.

October Energies - Where Are We? by Claudia McNeelyI began seeing ‘River X’ early in the Summer as a stream of Golden energy. I had no idea at that time what it was. When people started talking about ‘Wave X’, I realized that was the energy I had seen. It began affecting many of us at that time, making our summer very transformative.

Gold is a very high vibrational color.

It is the color of alchemy and transmutation, as in turning base metal into gold.

It is the color of wealth as in the Golden Egg.

In Wedding Rings, it represents unity.

It also represents the Holy Grail, standing for something that is attained at great personal sacrifice.

Gold will bring up issues of irrational fear, bordering on terror; deep confusion and self-doubt.

This Golden energy of ‘River X’ has brought up all of these issues from deep in our psyches for us to heal once and for all. How intensely this affected us was dependent on how strongly we resisted letting them go.

We were forced to take a long, hard look at ourselves, whether we wanted to or not. We could no longer resist seeing the parts of ourselves that were ugly and dark. We had to see to the depths of our Soul and learn to love everything that we are.

The eclipse energies gave a boost to this Golden River, causing those who were really resisting to finally be willing to heal. The Blood Moon gave on last, intense blast of energy to burst open any blocks to our healing.

This Golden River X will continue to flow. It will not recede as a wave would. So, we cannot expect the energies to let up and allow us to return to our previous consciousness. We are being given no choice but to move forward and transform.

As we move into October, Mercury remains in Retrograde motion until the 7th. We will continue to see issues with our internet connections, our computers, cell phones and communication.

October’s energies will be all about finding balance once again after releasing so much dross during September.

Relationships will be the focus. Relationships with ourselves as well as others.October Energies - Where Are We? by Claudia McNeely

If you did not leave September with more Love for yourself, you will still be working on Loving You.

We have been taught for eons of time that loving others is more important, and that loving ourselves is selfish. The reality is that until we Love ourselves, we have no Love to give to others.

How do you talk to yourself?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what is your first thought?

Judgement is the opposite of Unconditional Love.

When we judge, we are not being Loving. And, we judge ourselves so very harshly. Watch your inner dialog with yourself.

What are you saying?

‘You idiot. How could you be so stupid?’

‘Look how fat you are.’

These are common thoughts we have about ourselves.

To be more Loving to ourselves, we have to change this dialog.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, find something positive to comment on. Do you have beautiful eyes? Is your skin tone nice? Is your hair color beautiful? Really look for things to complement yourself on.

Look for positive things to say about yourself.

When you have a negative thought about yourself, quickly think of 3 positive thoughts to shift that energy.

Practice being more Loving, to yourself and others.

Be careful what you focus on.

If our thoughts are unfocused, our creation will be unfocused too. These energies are very creative, so be very focused on what you really want to create.

Over the next few months, we will begin to experience the positive aspects of this Golden River X.

October Energies - Where Are We? by Claudia McNeelyThis Golden energy will help us to become illuminated. We will be able to access the deep wisdom of our Soul, the wisdom of our ancestors. Our communication with our Guides and Angels will increase and become more clear.

 We will learn to be more discerning, moving out of our delusions/illusions. It will be easier to see through lies and deceit.

We will move out of our fear and anxiety, looking instead for balance in our emotions.

Most of all, we will learn to be more Loving.

When we are able to stay in our Heart and BE Love for at least 51% of our moments, we will finally be able to live our lives from the 4th Dimension of Love.


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