Lessons From the James Ray Tragedy in Sedona


I am sure that everyone has heard by now about the sweat lodge tragedy in Sedona which took three lives during a James Ray retreat. Lessons From The James Ray Tragedy In Sedona by Claudia McNeely It is a horrible incident which has brought much attention to the New Age/Self Help movement.

The current energies are bringing much that has been hidden into the Light. We are seeing this in our government, financial system, religion, health and other areas. All areas which are not aligned with the higher vibrations are being brought into the Light.

James Ray is one of my favorite motivational author’s. I have enjoyed his teachings and put them to work in my own life. He has a way of explaining things that I thought I already knew in a way which has brought a much deeper understanding. He has given me many ‘aha’ moments.

Everything which happens to us is created by our own belief system and the energies we send out. We create our reality with out thoughts, words and actions. One has to wonder what energy James Ray was putting out which attracted this negative attention to him.

As a child, James Ray was the fat kid in school that no one wanted to be friends with. Even though he has grown beyond this emotion and become one of the most revered motivational speakers of our time, inside he obviously still carries this energy of the kid who gets picked on. This hidden energy is what I feel attracted this unwelcome attention to him.

We can think we have healed an issue when in reality it is only hiding within us waiting for the opportunity to rise to the surface at the most unwelcome time. I feel this is part of the reason this event took place as it did.

I also feel that there is a lesson in this event about always being in integrity. For those of us who are Lightworkers, it is important that we always be aligned with the Light, with Truth and the Heart.

The self help industry has grown very quickly over the last few years. More and more people are opening up to spirituality and this has created many Self Help Gurus. When one becomes known as a guru, with millions of people following them throughout the world, it is easy to allow the ego to take over, to see themselves as more important than they really are. These gurus begin to charge more and more for their events, they churn out book after book, dvd after dvd, earning millions in the process. Their work becomes ego based instead of heart based.

I have seen this happen to many of the cast of the movie ‘The Secret’. These people went overnight from almost totally unknowns to stars. Some of them have managed to stay in integrity and changed very little, while others have allowed their ego to inflate instead of their hearts.

This is what I feel has happened to James Ray and why this tragedy occurred:

Because he is still that fat kid inside who was picked on in school, he attracted this incident to him to bring him into the public eye for ridicule once again. Though many other gurus could have drawn in this experience, James had the perfect energies hidden within him that attracted it to him.

I hope those of us in the Self Help movement will learn the lesson that we are being shown at this time in always being in integrity. We teach living from the heart, and this is how we must live each and every moment of every day. We cannot allow our ego to take over and lead us away from Love and Truth.


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