What Is Unconditional Love


We talk a lot about unconditional Love. It is the ideal we all strive to be. But, do we really even understand what it is?Unconditional Love by Claudia McNeely

Many think that unconditional Love is something that we feel for others, but are the opposite when it comes to ourselves.

Unconditional Love IS the 4th Dimension. (Some call this 5D, but 5D is actually instant manifestation.) When we are able to be Unconditional Love at all times, we will make the transition into 4D. Right now, we can only hold our energy in 4D for brief periods of time. The first unloving thought or feeling that we have will pop us back into 3D.

How can we learn to be Unconditional Love?

We become Unconditional Love by letting go of all judgment.

We are taught to judge everything and everybody from the moment we are conceived. We especially judge ourselves very harshly. It is much easier to let go of our judgments of others than to let go of our judgments of ourselves.

We judge the way we look, our body size, what we eat, how we talk, how we walk, our intelligence, and the list goes on and on. Too many of us expect ourselves to be perfect, not realizing that we ARE perfect in our IMPERFECTION.

How many of us have called ourselves an idiot when we have done something stupid? That is all judgment. We are judging ourselves as an idiot, judging what we did (or didn’t do) as stupid.

How would our lives change if we could learn to stop judging ourselves, if we could practice Unconditional Love on ourselves? We focus on loving others unconditionally, when it is more important to feel this Love for ourselves. When we have perfected Loving ourselves unconditionally, we will then love all things the same way. We can only give to others what we first have given to ourselves.

Practice loving yourself. Be kind to yourself. Stop judging yourself. Stop having unrealistic expectations of yourself. Doing this is not at all easy.

It can take many years of practice to achieve this Unconditional Love for yourself. But, once you do, you will BE the 4th Dimension of Love.


How are you being more loving to yourself? Leave a comment below and make a commitment to be more loving.

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