What Happens When We Die


I have been asked to explain what I know about what happens when we die. I have done lots of Readings where I contacted lovedWhat Happens When We Die by Claudia McNeely ones on the Other Side. The information I have received from them has been very interesting. I have also had my daughter, Samantha, tell me a lot about her experiences with crossing over.

In the Christian religion, we are taught that when we die there will be pearly gates, streets paved with gold and Angels with trumpets. This sets people up for much confusion when they die and that is not what they see.

When a person dies, they usually find themselves standing outside their body looking at it and wondering what is happening to them. It seems to them that they are still right here. They can see all that is going on but other people don’t seem to see them. They can’t make themselves heard. They don’t understand what has happened, they don’t feel any different. They think they are still alive. It can be very scary if you are expecting the Christian heaven.

Many times, these souls will connect to the first human they see. This is how a possession can occur. They don’t know what else to do, so they connect to a human form so they can survive. They do not mean any harm, they just don’t know what they are supposed to do.

Usually, Angels will appear to the person, but many people are afraid of Angels and don’t want them around. The Angels cannot interfere, only help the person cross over if the person wants it. If the person doesn’t know that they need to go with the Angels, they don’t know what the Angels are there for.

Many times, our loved ones who have already crossed over will meet us, but if the person has never met Uncle George, they will have no reason to want to follow him anywhere. This can leave the person stuck in this dimension. I have worked with souls who after 20 years still had not crossed over out of fear.

Other souls will instinctively know that they need to cross over. They will go with Uncle George or the Angels who come for them. There is usually a great homecoming party when the person arrives on the Other Side.

If a person was ill before they died, or took a lot of drugs, they will enter a hospital on the Other Side to be healed. They may have so many drugs in their system that they don’t realize they are dead for several days, until the drugs leave their energy field. Their energy body will be healed of whatever dis-ease they had.

After a person dies, they will usually visit their family members. They want to make sure that their loved ones will be ok. They want us to be happy for them. This was the main thing we heard from Samantha after she left her body. She did not want us to grieve for her, she wanted us to be happy that she was released from her body. I tried to explain to her that we needed to grieve, but she could not understand why.

They will always attend their funeral. They want to see who shows up and what is said about them. They also want to be there to comfort their loved ones.

After death, the soul is instantly transported to wherever they think of. If they think of a loved one, they are instantly with them. If they think of fishing, they are instantly sitting on a river bank fishing.

The soul will create its own version of heaven. For Samantha, it was an English Manor. For one young man I spoke with, it was a hunting cabin. For another young man it was a cattle ranch. We all get to create whatever will be heaven for us.

Samantha spent a lot of time when she first died partying and drinking, because she was not able to do any of that in her disabled body. That was her heaven.

Although I have never spoken to anyone who was in ‘hell’ or who had negative events happen to them when they crossed over. Since we can create anything we want, I am sure that can be created if the person feels they deserve it.

After being on the Other Side for a while and settling in, the soul is expected to choose a ‘job’. Some choose to work with babies who cross over, rocking them and loving them. Others choose to help teens, or the elderly. Some prefer to work with animals. After a time, the soul can choose to reincarnate. This can be as short as days after the body dies or centuries later. It is all the choice of each soul. The soul chooses the lessons that it wants to experience in their new lifetime. They choose what sex they will be, who their parents will be, etc.

When someone close to you dies, always say a prayer for them. Ask the Angels to help them to their next level of development so that the Angels will be able to help them. Give them the assistance they need to move on easily.


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