The Energy Of Questions


Which of these sentences feels lighter?

“I am so depressed.”The Energy Of Questions by Claudia McNeely

“How can I be happier?”

When we make a statement, “I am so depressed.”, it closes off the energy. There is no energy flow, it is stagnant and final.

When we ask a question, “How can I be happier?”, it opens up the energy for an answer from the Universe, the Creator or our Angels.

When we live our life in the question, the energy is able to flow, answers come to us, ideas pop into our head. We find ways to create change. We are no longer stuck. We see choices where there were no choices before.

We have a tendency to think too much, to mull things over when we are quiet or trying to sleep. We go over all the negative experiences of our day, or our life, creating energy that only attracts more negative experiences to us. When you catch yourself doing this, begin to ask questions instead. It is important to ask ‘good’ questions. “Why does this happen to me?”, “Why is he so mean to me?” or “Why am I so broke?” are not ‘good’ questions.

Instead we can ask:

“What can I do to change this?”
“What do I need to learn from this”
“What choices do I have?”
“What can I do today to have more money?”
“Why am I so happy?”
“Why am I so lucky?”
“How did my life become so wonderful?”
“What else is possible?”

Learn to live your life in the question and see how quickly your life improves.


What questions are you asking? Share them below.

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