Getting Involved and Removing Our Heads From The Sand


One of the first things we hear when we become involved in Metaphysics is to turn off the television and stop reading the newspaper. Getting Involved and Removing Our Heads From The SandWe are told that this will make our lives more peaceful and keep us from becoming detoured by mundane life. Of course, we have all done this and usually have no idea what is going on in the world around us. I realize now how disastrous this thinking is.

For many years, I did not read the news or pay attention to what is going on in the world, just as many other spiritual people have done. I started noticing things and paying more attention when I realized what a mess our world was becoming.

(This article is not about Republican, Democrat, Right-Wing or Liberal. I am writing in general terms.)

We are involved in a war that we have no business being involved in. It is another ‘Vietnam’ which we have no chance of winning. Our economy is getting worse every day. Health care is getting harder to afford every day. People are being starved and dehydrated because the quality of their lives do not meet someone else’s idea of quality. There are many more things happening that we need to pay attention to for a change.

When our country was established it was supposed to be a government ‘by the people and of the people’. This is no longer true and has not been true for a long time. So many of us have not been paying attention that it has allowed the government to become more important than the people. We need to take our heads out of the sand and start paying attention to what is going on in our country.

The US used to be looked up to and everyone wanted to come here and be part of that greatness. Now we are the most hated country on earth. It is not safe for Americans to travel. We are not wanted in other countries. Just yesterday, Amnesty International criticized the US for the horrible torture we have allowed to happen in prison camps. The US is being called the ‘gulag of our time’! And we have allowed this to happen.

Genetically engineered food has been proven harmful, but it will soon be all that we can get. Many countries have laws that say they cannot save seeds to plant, but must buy seeds each year from Mansanto which have been genetically altered. People can go to jail for saving seeds to plant! Drugs are allowed on the market which have been proven to kill, but our rights to vitamins and herbs is in danger.

Some of the greatest scientists in the world are being murdered. Why?? We need to look into this and find out what is going on. What is HAARP being used for? What is the truth about chemtrails. Why is autism becoming an epidemic? Why was a flu virus which has not been seen on earth in almost 100 years being sent to labs around the world?

It is time for us, as Lightworkers, to bring our heads up out of the sand. It is time for us, as ‘we the people’ to take back the control of Getting Involved and Removing Our Heads From The Sandour country. It is time for us to bring the US back to the greatness we once were. It is time for us, as Lightworkers, to create a world of Light and Peace that we all want.

How can we do this? How many of us know the name of the person who represents us in the Congress or Senate? How many of us know that in the last few days, at least 10 American soldiers have died in Iraq? How many of us knows who our Mayor or Council members are?

Open your eyes and start paying attention. Start questioning everything. The dark forces have been able to gain control because we have not been paying attention. We must take control and lead our world to peace.

Find out how your leaders vote on different issues. What they say and how they vote are not always the same. If they are not voting in the way that you approve of or in a way that is leading our country back to the Light, then let them know how you feel. Write them, sign petitions, let them know that we expect them to represent us, not themselves. Get involved in getting people elected who will lead our country to peace. Vote for a change!

Get involved instead of sticking your head in the sand.

May 2005 Claudia McNeely


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