Flowing With Change


This was written in 2012, but still relevant today.

It is hard to believe that this year is about to come to a close. It has been a very difficult year for most of us, in many ways. We haveFlowing With Change seen our economy fall to the lowest level since the Great Depression. Too many people have lost their homes due to the illegal activity of the banking system. Far too many have lost their jobs and there are no new jobs for them. Older people are being thrown to the side and are no longer considered an asset to a company.

There have been Earthquakes in places where they don’t normally happen. We watched helplessly as Japan was destroyed by a tsunami. Solar Flares have increased in size and intensity. There has been an increase in volcanoes and other natural disasters.

Internationally, we have seen governments toppled. We have watched as truths that have been hidden by individuals and nations have come to the surface. We have watched as skeletons have come out of closets for all to finally see.

And, most importantly, we have seen the people stand up and say ‘enough’. The Occupy Movement has been the best thing I personally have seen come from 2011. It is wonderful to see our young people take on their role as the creators of our future.

I am excited about the year 2012. So many have predicted doom and destruction through the years, and they are right, there will be doom and destruction of the dense, heavy energies of the 3rd dimension. This will not be an easy time for those stuck in that density.

This next year will be a year of change, change and more change. If we can flow with the changes and allow them to occur, it will be much easier on us. If we fight the changes, it will be much more difficult.

The ‘Powers That Were’ (no longer ‘Be’) will have a very difficult time because they are not ready to let go of their control. But, let go they will, one way or another. Just as some dictators have been forced out of power, these people will also be forced out. Yes, this may include war and destruction to convince them that they have to relinquish their power. Although ‘Occupy’ is attempting to create change through peaceful protesting, in the end, we may be forced into fighting for our freedom. But, free we will be.

It is very important in the next year for us to learn to center ourselves in our heart, in Love. We will come to learn that Love is all there is. Love will be what changes our world. Love will be what gets us through.

More than ever, we will be creating our reality.

It is important that we stay informed about what is happening in our world. Hiding our heads in the sand is no longer an option. This now affects all of us, and it will take all of us knowing the truth to create the change that we all desire.

Through it all, it is important to stay focused on the goal. Focused on Peace, Harmony and LOVE. Even when we are fighting for our rights, we must stay focused on the New World we WILL create.

Economically, it is important for us to be open to helping each other. It is important to learn to work as a community again instead of only as individuals. We must help each other, help those who are down, help each other to thrive. Instead of depending on others to provide us with jobs, we need to create our own way to earn money. This is the perfect time to start your own business, especially in alternative power, cleaning up the waters, growing healthy food and other areas that will benefit the Earth.

Most of all, learn to live every moment of every day from your Heart, from a place of LOVE. That is what will herald in our future and the New World we have dreamed of for so long.


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