Fear Matrix Removal Program


Recently I was thumbing through the book “Beyond Ascension” by Joshua David Stone and re-discovered a very powerful healing Fear Matrix Removal Programtechnique which I had completely forgotten about. It is called The Core Fear Matrix Removal Program. I used this myself for a long time, but then forgot about it. I am very glad to have re-discovered it. It is a special dispensation received years ago from the Spiritual Hierarchy to remove core fear. There are only two emotions on Earth, love or fear. You have either love-based emotions and reactions or fear-based emotions and reactions.

The Fear Matrix Removal Program is a divine dispensation from the Creator that allows members of the Spiritual Hierarchy to actually pull your core fear patterns right out of your subconscious mind and four body system. Clairvoyantly, these can be seen as black roots with many tentacles throughout the body. As they are removed through your crown chakra, they are completely removed from your soul records.

Whenever you feel your buttons are being pushed, or you have a negative reaction or emotion, a fear program has been triggered. Immediately call to the Ascended Masters and have them remove it. It is recommended that every night before going to bed for three to six months that you ask for all of your core fear to be removed. If you request to be officially signed up for the Core Fear Matrix Removal Program, they will also work on you without your having to ask. Anytime you become aware of an area where fear-based programming lives, then immediately call to the Masters to remove that specific program.

It is very important to be specific and state which fear-based program you want them to remove. You cannot just ask one time that all fear-based programs be removed and never ask again. You must continually work with the Masters and continually as them to remove the core fear patterns in different areas. Make a list of all the possible core fears and negative ego programming you can think of. Each night before going to bed, ask that a particular area be removed from this life and all your past lives. After the core fear is removed, you must ask that it be replaced with core love, so that it doesn’t come back.


Ask first for a general clearing of all fear-based programs that are hindering your spiritual growth. You will feel them moving out the top of your head. Then request that they focus on your physical body and ask them to remove any and all fear based programs lodged there. Then request that they move into your etheric body and remove any fear-based programs that are blocking you. Move on to the astral body and request that they remove all fear-based programs and spiritual weeds from your astral, or emotional body. Then request that they move to your mental body and remove all thought forms of an imbalanced and negative nature. Then move to your spiritual bodies and request that they be cleared.

Ask that the programs be completely removed from your soul and from the Akashic Records. You must give your permission for them to do this.

During another meditation, to through each of your seven major chakras. Begin with the first chakra and request the Fear Matrix Removal Program to remove all imbalanced energies and fear-based programs preventing you from achieving your ascension in the first chakra. Then do the same for each of the other six chakras.

Do this for twenty-one days and see what happens!

I highly recommend ‘Beyond Ascension’ or any of Joshua Stone’s other books. They are filled with many powerful techniques for spiritual growth.



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