Earth Angels and Nepal Earthquakes


We Earth Angels are used to feeling Earth changes and the thoughts and emotions of others,Earth Angels and Nepal Earthquakes but every once in a while we get overwhelmed by the energies.

On Saturday, there was a 7.8 earthquake in Nepal that killed thousands of people. There have also been numerous large aftershocks. As many of us did, I felt the shaking through my body as well as strong emotions for most of the day.

Apparently I am extremely energetically connected to Nepal. I could not get to sleep Saturday night. I was feeling lots of emotions – depression, sadness, hopelessness. I kept having thoughts such as ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ ‘I just want to die and get it over with.’ ‘This is too much.’ ‘This is too hard.’ Etc.

I knew the thoughts and feelings were not mine, and the earthquake in Nepal and the horror the people there are experiencing crossed my mind.

A few minutes later, my phone alerted me to another 6.7 earthquake there. What I was experiencing was the people’s pain, fear and last breaths. It was really overwhelming.

I began to send healing, peaceful energy to the area and release the heavy energies that were being created. I was helping the released souls cross over. I had a vision of a heavy set man in my living room that I knew was from the quake and helped him to move on to the other side.

It was a very intense night and I was awake dealing with all the energies and emotions until 6 am.

It is very important for us to realize that many of the emotions we feel are not ours. It would have been very easy for me to accept the feelings of depression, fear and hopelessness as my own, which is what we all do. But, because of the work I have done over the years to release energy that is not mine, I was able to quickly know that it was someone else’s.

We cannot be available to help ourselves or anyone else when we are reacting to the energies and emotions around us. This is why it is essential to have a tool for releasing these energies.

When we take on other’s pain and emotions, it can completely overwhelm us. I have to wonder how many suicides are from the person picking up on someone else’s thoughts and acting on them.

I created the Energetic Clearing Technique For Releasing Energy That Is Not Ours for just this reason.

Energetic Clearing Technique For Releasing Energy That Is Not Ours:

I ask my Spirit, to go throughout time, through my ancestry, through my soul’s lineage, through my soul contracts, through all of my aspects and locate all causes, signs, symptoms, side effects, predispositions to and damage from all the ways and all the reasons me or any of my aspects feel or have ever felt that I am a victim to the energy of others, that I have to absorb energy from others, that I take on energy that is not mine and any similar feeling, thought or emotion.

Take my Higher Self and every aspect of my being to the very first incident that caused this issue to start. Analyze every aspect of it and heal it perfectly, permanently and completely.

Come throughout time, through my ancestry, through my soul’s lineage, through my soul contracts, through all of my aspects, healing each incident based upon the foundation of the first, until I am at the present filled with light, love, peace and truth. I now release all energy that is not mine, sending it back to where it originated with love and understanding.

Know that every negative thought or inappropriate behavior based on this issue quickly disappears.

Take all the time you need Spirit, but quicken time and do the job NOW.

Thank you, Spirit.

When we use this clearing to release the energy, it helps us to not get bogged down in the emotions. We may have to repeat the clearing over and over for hours, if the feelings are as intense as mine were last night, before they release completely.

It is also very important that we remember to breathe. When we are stressed, we tend to hold our breath or breathe very shallow. When we breathe deeply, it brings us back into NOW and calms our energies.

Being an Earth Angel is not an easy path, but we chose this role so we could help Mother Earth and all beings that live on her. It is important to remember that is why we are experiencing this.

When you find yourself feeling the stress from a natural disaster, release the energy using the ECT so you can think clearly. Then focus on what you can do to help. Most of us can only assist energetically, which is much needed too. Send Loving, Peaceful energy to the area and those who are affected. With enough of us doing that, it can make a huge difference for those involved.



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