Create The Life You Want 

Create The Life You WantThe three main subjects I am always asked about are finances, relationships and health. These are the most important aspects of our lives and the ones we have the most issues with.

What did you learn as a child about money? About relationships? About health? Spend a moment thinking about the things your parents taught you about these subjects.

We have been discussing this in our weekly meetings, mainly concerning money. We are taught that money is evil. We are taught that there is not enough money for everyone. We are told that we are not smart enough to be successful. We have made vows of poverty. All of these issues are affecting our ability to be financially successful.

The same is true for relationships and health. We are taught that love hurts, that the other sex is only interested in what they can get from us, that we can’t have a healthy body, that we have no control over our lives. The most important thing you can learn in life is that you create your reality with your thoughts, your words and your emotions. Every moment of every day you are creating your reality. The energy that you send out, whether positive or negative, creates multi-dimensional patterns which give birth to your reality. You control your own destiny. The definition of the Law of Attraction is “I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.” When you are reacting through your previous conceptions about money, it causes you to send out negative, fearful energy concerning money. There isn’t enough money, money is evil, etc. This causes you to manifest negative outcomes concerning money.

When you heal these misconceptions about money, you are then able to send out positive, trusting energy concerning money. This allows you to manifest positive, financially successful outcomes. The same is true of relationships, health and any other issue you can think of. Healing the cause of your misconceptions helps you to create the life that you want.



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