Anchor The Light


Approximately 300,000 years ago a great war was fought throughout the Universe between the Family of Light andBattle in heaven between Light and Dark beings of Darkness. This war was spoken of in the Bible as a war among the angels. One of the planets being fought over was our Earth. Unfortunately for mankind, the beings of Darkness won control.

Prior to this time, mankind was very advanced and had many powers. He had use of all twelve of his helixes. When the Dark forces took over, they changed mankind genetically so he had use of only two helixes. This brought mankind into a period of density and ignorance. Since he no longer had the abilities to manifest his needs, he experienced much fear and hatred of others who he felt had more than he did. These Dark forces who now control this section of the Universe feed on negative emotions such as fear, anger, and hate. With so many people currently changing their consciousness, this is cutting down on the ‘food’ for these beings. They have mastered the ability to generate the emotions they need among man.

Many people are afraid to leave their homes these days because of the dangers. Robberies, muggings, rapes, and murders are all on the increase. This provides them with food. The music today is full of anger and violence. This provides them with food. And look at our television. Watching a news program about the atrocities occurring in Rwanda, Haiti and other places causes you to feel fear and anger. This provides them with food. The movies being shown today are extremely violent and bloody. This generates many negative emotions in the person watching them. This provides them with food. When you, as a member of the Family of Light engage in any of these emotions, you are providing food for these beings of Darkness. We need to become aware of this and learn to control our negative emotions. It is necessary when viewing the horrors occurring on our earth to stay detached emotionally. You can dislike what is happening and do something to change it, but do not allow any negative emotions to surface to be used as food.

We have come onto the planet at this time to help return the frequency of love and to remove the frequency of negative emotions. To do this, we must learn to control our own emotions and to show others by example how to do the same. This is essential to assist the Family of Light to regain control of this part of our Universe and move us into our next level of Being. One thing we can do on a daily basis is to spend time meditating and sending Love and Light into our troubled neighborhoods and countries. If enough of us are spreading love through the Universe, it will overcome the Darkness and help to bring in the Light. The more Light there will be and the beings of Darkness will have to enter the Light also. This is our purpose for being here at this time.

Lightworkers and the Family of Light are her to Anchor The Light.Many people I know, including myself, have been feeling lately as if they are stuck and not progressing. They feel a real restlessness and a sense of not knowing where they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be doing. I have come to the conclusion that what we are supposed to be doing right now is bringing in the Light so we can make the leap to the next level.

The time for this leap is upon us, but it will not occur until enough Light has been anchored into the Earth. Many, many beings from other realms are assisting us and have an investment in the outcome. As we on Earth make our leap into the next level of Being, they too will make a leap in Consciousness. It is as important to these other members of the Family of Light for us to make this shift as it is for us.

So, let’s get with the program! Instead of sitting around trying to figure out what you are supposed to be doing, spend that time learning to control your negative emotions and anchoring the Light into your body and the Earth. See you in the Light.

copyright 2002 Claudia McNeely


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