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RealTalk With The Cummings

Streamed live on Dec 1, 2015Many things can interfere to stop us from living the life we truly want to live. We hold onto so much judgment, fear and so many false beliefs that we are stuck and unable to move forward. Your Heart and Soul can be healed easily and gently, and you can transform into the butterfly you desire to be.



Reach For It Radio – Energy Report For November 2014

Energy Report for November 2014. Would you like to find out what is in store for you this month energetically? What about the upcoming shifts and energies for the remainder of 2014. Join Christina Winslow, host of Reach For It Radio Show as she interviews Claudia McNeely about what is happening right now. Solar Flares, geopolitical power struggles, the raising of consciousness and the earth ascending are some of the topics to be covered.

Reach For It Radio – Soul Retrieval and Heart and Soul Healing

Soul Retrieval and Heart and Soul Healing with Claudia McNeely and Host of Reach For It Radio Show Christina Calisto Winslow. Claudia will share with us what Soul Retrieval is and how it can help us in our life.

Reach For It Radio – Psychic Protection

Psychic Vampires, who are they and what to do about it! Do you feel your energy drained when around certain friends, family members, or customers for your business? Some energy drains can feel like headaches, aches, pains, feeling tired, or feeling like you have no energy. Find out information about Psychic Vampires and tools to stop them.

The Farkas Files – Living a New Paradigm: Big Changes Soon

Claudia McNeely, a frequent guest, discusses a big energetic shift that will change, well… everything!  This shift is often referred to as ‘Living in the Heart’ or ‘The Fourth Dimension.’ But what does that really mean? Let’s find out! I’ve been hearing this for a while, but when Claudia says it’s going to happen in April, I pay attention and want to know more. Claudia not only tracks the various phenomena known to affect how each of us feels every day, she also has online groups that report their symptoms to her on a daily basis! I depend on her reports to figure out why I’m feeling off on a particular day. Now you can figure this out too!

The Farkas Files – Ascension Flu and Why You Feel Lousy For ‘No Reason’

Have you had random days of low energy, body aches, unfocused fuzzy-headedness? Do you sometimes feel you’re coming down with something that never actually turns into illness?  What’s all that about? Some call it the Ascension Flu. As the planet rises in vibration we have moments, days, weeks of feeling something is not right. Add to that the effect of solar flares, cosmic wind (yes, that’s real thing,) earthquakes, etc. and people who are sensitive are hit by pain. Claudia McNeely not only tracks the phenomena know to cause this, she has online groups that report their symptoms to her on a daily basis! I depend on her reports to figure out why I’m feeling off on particular day. Now you can figure this out too!

The Farkas Files – Halloween: Where Did These Weird Traditions Come From?

Halloween, no doubt you where out doing weird stuff… Wearing costumes? Trick or Treating? Scary decorations and Jack ‘o Lanterns? But, what is that all about? Where did it come from? What is the history and traditions of All Hallow’s Eve?  We’ll find out talking to two of our favorite guests, Tiana Mirapae & Claudia McNeely.

The Farkas Files – Psychic Protection: What, Why and How

Claudia McNeely, a frequent guest, is back with us to discuss Psychic Protection. This is probably the most ignored subject in the Psychic Community. What little is taught is often ineffective against a true psychic attack. Claudia, like me, knows this reality from experience. We each have our methods and I’m looking forward to learning more from her and hearing about her new eBook about Psychic Protection. As a friend of mine often says, ‘It’s not all White Light and Unicorns out there.’  Join us to learn the What, Why and How of Psychic Protection!

The Farkas Files – Ascension Is Not For Sissies!

Claudia McNeely, a frequent guest, is back with us to discuss the effects of the rising frequencies of the Earth on the people living here. Ascension refers to the rising vibration level planet Earth and its inhabitants are experiencing. Claudia tracks various signs and Earth phenomena and how hard they are on us physically, emotionally and spiritually and how these energies are creating change in our world. Her online community gives daily feedback about their feelings and physical symptoms giving Claudia a unique take on how ascension is affecting people. Your unexplained feelings, sensations, aches and pains and other ‘unexplained symptoms’ may make a lot more sense when you get her perspective. Ascension is NOT for Sissies!

The Farkas Files – A Tour of the Chakras

Claudia McNeely is back with us to discuss her new eBook, ‘Chakras’. Take a tour through each of the 7 Major Chakras. Learn where they are located in your body, what organs in your body they affect, the negative and positive archetypes of each Chakra and a wonderful technique you can use to balance them.

Just Energy Radio – Psychic Protection

I recently found this interview from 2007 on Just Energy Radio. Rita and I discussed the importance of Psychic Protection. I walked the listeners through building each level of a strong Psychic Shield. The radionics program mentioned in the interview is no longer available and the phone number given is no longer valid, but the information is still important.