Yours, Mine or Ours


Each day we move through a sea of emotions, feelings and thoughts flowing through the Collective Consciousness. Without realizing it, we take on many of these emotions,Yours, Mine or Ours by Claudia McNeely - feelings and thoughts as our own. We never realize that they actually belong to someone or something else.

You may have gotten your dislike of pickles from your Mother. You may have taken on the belief that you have to work hard for money from your Father. You may have gotten the message that men can’t be trusted from your great, great, great, great grandmother.

We get many of our beliefs and emotions from our family, teachers and friends while we are still very young and impressionable. We grow up thinking these are our thoughts and beliefs. We allow them to shape our life and who we are.

An emotion that our Mother or Father had while we were in the womb can affect us for the rest of our lives, even if we never meet them.

Our aura is an energetic receiver. We are all much more psychic than we realize. 98% of our thoughts, emotions and feelings don’t even belong to us. Instead, we pick them up psychically without ever realizing it.

There have been many times that I have suddenly started craving ice cream, which is something I seldom eat. Moments later, my son will ask me if I want to get some ice cream. I was picking up his craving and accepting it as my own.

I have been having a lot of pain in my foot and my back for several months. Because I have a history of back problems, I just automatically accepted it as my own. Recently, as I have been releasing the things that are not mine, my foot and back pain have disappeared.

We also pick up feelings from the Earth, especially those of us who are Earth Sensitives. We feel every earthquake, solar flare or volcano.

It is important for us to let go of what is not ours. In doing so, you may find that your fears about money disappear, your health issues disappear or your judgments disappear.

For every thought, emotion or feeling that you have, ask ‘Is this mine? Is this someone else’s? Is it something else’s?’ You can use a pendulum or self kinesiology to receive a response for each question.

If it belongs to someone else, or to the Earth, just ask that it be sent back to where it originated with Love and Understanding. This sends it back to be healed and will not harm the person you absorbed it from because they probably absorbed it from someone else too.

Just becoming aware of what actually belongs to you and what doesn’t will make a big difference in your life. It will allow you to focus on what feelings, thoughts and emotions you need to focus on and to heal, and what you need to just let go of.

For every thought, feeling and emotion you have, ask yourself if it is yours. See how this simple technique can change your life.

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