You Can’t Trust If You Are Caught In Worry


There is so much to worry about in our lives today. The world around us is in chaos. The world is in a major depression.You Can't Trust If You Are Caught In Worry by Claudia McNeely - Unemployment is higher than it ever has been. More people are below the poverty level than ever.

As we look at these events in our world, it is easy for us to get caught up in worry and fear that our job may be in danger, our house could get foreclosed on or we may have to file bankruptcy.

So we worry, and we fret. Worry is prayer for what you don’t want. If you are worrying about something, you are praying for that thing to happen.

You create your reality by what you focus on. If you are focused on worry – worry that you will lose your job or not be able to pay your bills, you will create that reality in your life.

Instead, if you Trust the Universe to provide for you, you create a reality where all of your needs are met.

Trust is a major lesson that we are all learning on a world level at this time. We have been put in a situation where Trust is a necessity, where we really don’t have a choice but to Trust.

Trust. It is much easier to say than it is to do.

There have been numerous times in my life that I have been given the opportunity to learn this lesson of Trust. It is never easy to do. It is hard not to focus on my fear and worry that what I fear will become my reality.

When I catch myself getting caught in worry, I take a deep breath and look at what I can do to put myself back into a state of Trust. Taking a deep breath allows your body and mind to relax. It brings you into the Now, where there is Trust.

When we allow ourselves to get caught looking at what has happened in the past, or fearing what can come in the future, we get stuck in worry. Bringing ourselves back into the Now helps us to see options that don’t exist in the past or the future.

Instead of getting stuck in worry, remember to take a deep breath and bring yourself back into the Now. Look at your life realistically and at all the things you have to be grateful for. If you really look, you will always find many things that are right in your life.

Trust that the Universe will provide just what you need, when you need it and you will be amazed at the miracles that occur in your life.

If you need assistance in getting out of worry and fear, schedule an appointment so I can help. Life can be as you want it to be if you will only Trust.


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