You Are Being Lied To So You Will Drop Your Spiritual Protection


The most damaging lie being spread through the Spiritual Community right now is that we no longer need to put up protection, that all darkness hasYou Are Being Lied To So You Will Drop Your Spiritual Protection been defeated and can no longer affect us.

This could not be further from the truth!

When I first got involved in Metaphysics, psychic protection was hardly ever mentioned and little was taught about it. It has become more freely discussed over the last few years, with lots of articles and methods of protection being shared. More and more people have learned to protect themselves and their energies. This has cut off the control of the dark beings.

What better way to stop this than to tell people to stop protecting themselves?

Channeling has become very common, with people claiming to channel Ascended Master’s, Angels and ET’s. In reality, they have no idea who they are channeling or where the information is coming from. Very few predictions come to pass, which always leaves me questioning the source.

There has been a rumor for many years that a dark group had begun to impersonate the Master’s and Angels. Of course, those channeling them refuse to accept that and think they are channeling the real ones. About a year ago, several channels stopped channeling, saying they had been under mind control. Of course, they were convinced to start back because they think they are no longer being controlled.

Corey Goode has had extensive experience with the Secret Space Program for the US, where he was put through psychic training. According to him, there is a group that is feeding false information to these channels through mind control.

When people protect themselves spiritually, it is not easy to connect with them to drain their energy and control them. This was not conducive to the plans of the ‘Powers That Be’. So, what better way to gain control once again than to have these channelers start telling people that the darkness had been defeated and that it was no longer necessary to do any protection.

We have been told many lies to control us. I do not blame the channelers, they have no idea they are truly being controlled. They have convinced themselves that the messages they get are real and that they are helping humanity by sharing.

We are also being told that all we have to do is focus on the Light and it will change our world. It is true that very high vibrational energies are flooding the Earth, raising our vibrations. This is hoped to create a New World of Peace and Love. But, there are also dark forces who are trying to stop this from succeeding, and have been doing a really good job so far.

(Read Hippies, History of New Age and the New Paradigm)

Lightworkers and the Family of Light are her to Anchor The Light.We are told that if our vibration is high enough, nothing negative can affect us. If we are sick, or poor or whatever, it is because our vibration is not high enough. This too is a lie. We are sick, or poor or whatever because our Soul chose to have that experience. It has nothing to do with our vibration.

Focusing on Love did not stop the recent Orlando shooting. It did not stop the horrendous flooding in West Virginia. It has not stopped the corruption in the World’s governments or the voter suppression and rigging in the US.

We are being told that a New Earth is being created and that those who are special enough and have a high enough vibration will move into it, leaving those who are not left here to suffer. No Spiritual Snobbery in that belief!

We are not going to be picked up by spaceships and the ET’s are not coming to save us.

Spiritual seekers are very gullible and very easily led down a false path, and are being taken advantage of by those trying to stop us from creating change.

We must learn discernment instead of blindly trusting every word we hear or article we read. I have seen many videos and articles being shared that are filled with false information and hooks for stealing energy from those who see it. Because people are not protecting themselves, they are unable to feel that energy and block it. We want to believe that all Spiritual teachers are ethical, but that is not the reality.

We need to get grounded again, pull ourselves back down to earth instead of floating around in lala land. Psychic protection is essential! We have to create boundaries so we know when someone is trying to attach to us and to keep from being taken advantage of.

Let’s become the Love Warriors/Workers we came here to be and start taking the steps necessary to create change, to create our New World filled with Love and Peace. No one can do this for us.



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