Where Is The Love?


The 4th Dimension is Unconditional Love (many today mistakenly call this 5D). We are learning to live in our hearts, to loveWhere Is The Love? by Claudia McNeely ourselves as well as everyone else without judgment.

Love is the essence of the Divine Feminine now flowing through the Universe. It is soft, sweet, gentle and warm. Thinking about Love feels good on all levels.

Light is bright. It can feel glaring, hurting our eyes. It brings everything into our awareness, even things we don’t necessarily want to see, like looking into a mirror in very harsh lighting.

I do not understand why everyone is focused on spreading Light at this time instead of Love. It seems to me that spreading Love would be much more beneficial. It would bring more Peace into our hearts and into our world. It would bring us together more than Light would. At this time in our development, we need to feel the Oneness that can only be created with Love.

Sending Love to our pains will bring more and faster healing than sending Light. Sending Love to our financial situation would bring more change than sending Light. Sending Love into our World would bring Peace more gently than sending Light.

Focus your energy of creating more Love rather than more Light. It will be more beneficial for all it touches.


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