We Made It To 5D – NOT


I am constantly amazed at the myths and dogma in the Metaphysical community. The newest myth is that on Dec 12, 2012, we We Made It To 5D - NOT by Claudia McNeely entered the 5th Dimension, and that some people are even in the 6th Dimension.

I really do not see how this can be since very few of us can manage to stay in the 4th Dimension more than a few moments at a time.

The 5th Dimension is the dimension of instant manifestation. This is the dimension of the Throat Chakra, where we manifest instantly, where our every word and thought is created in that moment. It will be fun to live there, and very interesting.

We will be able to create anything when we are in 5D. My daughter who is on the other side lives in the 5th Dimension, and she shows off for us often. One instant her hair is rainbow colored and in a spiked Mohawk. The next moment it is in purple pigtails. The next she is bald. She enjoys creating her every whim.

In the 5th Dimension, you can change your body in an instant. You can be thin and tall one moment, and short and muscular the next. You can have a female body one moment and a male body the next. If you have a craving for lobster, it instantly appears in front of you. If you think of someone you love, you are instantly with them.

If you see a man walking down the street and fear that he will rob you, you will be robbed. If you are worried that your partner will have an affair, you will instantly create that as your reality. If you worry about your child being hurt, you will instantly create that reality.

Do you truly think you are ready to be in the 5th Dimension? I know I am not.

The 4th Dimension is the dimension of Unconditional Love. It is filled with Peace and non-judgment. Yes, we can manifest our desires quickly in this dimension, but not instantly, which is a good thing. Until we are able to create our every thought with Love, we will not be ready to live in the 5th Dimension.


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