We Create Our Reality

We Create Our RealityI considered making some predictions about this coming year, but since I see very little that is positive, I prefer to discuss how we can create the reality that we want to create. The accepted reality is that our economy is not good. The dollar continues to drop, our national debt continues to grow, people continue to be laid off. Many people were killed in the Tsunami and there continues to be daily earthquakes around the world which are not reported. We continue to be stuck in a escalating war with no end in sight. It is really hard to see any good in the world right now.

WE CREATE WHAT WE FOCUS ON. This is the most important thing that I can teach you. If we are focused on all the bad things going on in our world, then we will create more bad things in our world. In the Bible it talks about being in this world but not of it. This is what we are going to have to learn this year.

We can be aware of what is going on in the world without focusing any of our energy on it. We can feel compassion for the less fortunate without focusing our energy on them. We can be in the midst of chaos, but not be affected by it. This is the most important skill we can learn.

Instead we must learn to focus on what we want to increase both personally and globally. Right now, the world has come together to aid the people affected by the Tsunami. War has stopped in that area and the combatants are helping each other. By focusing on this positive outcome of the devastation, we will create more global cooperation.

Our economy is bad right now, but instead of focusing on that, we would do better to focus on what we DO have. Be thankful that you have enough money to pay your rent, eat dinner, etc. By focusing on the things you do have, you will create more of those things.

If we fear the earth changes that we are in the midst of, we will create upheaval in our lives. By trusting that all is in divine order and that we are exactly where we are supposed to be at all times, we will experience peace instead of fear.

Keep your thoughts positive on a personal and a global level. Let’s create a world where we are in it, but not of it.

January, 2005

Claudia McNeely




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