A Special Mission


In the ‘80 a group of children that are now being called Indigo’s began to be born in large numbers. Indigo children are born with the mission of changing our world and making it a better place. Samantha personified what an Indigo is.

Two months before Samantha’s birth, we were in an automobile accident. After Samantha’s birth on February 16,Samantha McNeely 1984, we learned that Samantha had a stroke at the time of the accident, and that it had almost totally destroyed her brain. We were told by the doctors that she would be a vegetable and that we would not be able to take care of her at home. Not knowing any better, we told the doctor to find an institution for her.

But, Samantha had other ideas. She had come into this world to make changes, and her first job was to change me.

When I had Samantha, I was agoraphobic and had horrible panic attacks. I remember sitting in the neo-natal intensive care holding her for the first time, having horrendous panic attacks, and feeling that I was going to drop her at any minute. I was determined not to do that though, and held on tighter without letting any one know how frightened I was.

We were lucky enough to meet another couple who had a two year old child similar to Samantha. Samantha was doing things at birth that this child was not doing at two, so we decided if they could take care of him, we could take care of Samantha. After 3 weeks in intensive care, we were able to bring Samantha home.

Samantha’s birth turned my world, and my belief system, upside down. Everything I had always believed to be true was no longer true. Babies weren’t born perfect and healthy, God didn’t answer my prayers, life wasn’t easy.

For the first year of Samantha’s life, she cried constantly. We hardly ever broke physical contact. It was as if Samantha needed my energy at that time to keep her alive. She not only survived, but she thrived.

At three months of age, I had to watch my tiny baby go through brain surgery to implant a shunt to drain excess fluid from her brain. Going into the recovery room and holding her cold, lifeless body as she woke up was an experience I will never forget. Samantha had a way of making me experience my biggest fears over and over.

The Neurologist that we had in Dallas was wonderful, as most of her doctors have been. He told us that no one could tell us what Samantha could or couldn’t do, but that she was not a vegetable.

When Samantha was three, she got her first pneumonia. Since I held Samantha most of the time, and took such good care of her, the doctors had never realized that she was refluxing and aspirating when she swallowed. Back we went to the hospital for another surgery to put in her feeding tube. This time, I spent a full month alone with her in the hospital before they were able to do the surgery. She had made me face yet another fear. When Samantha came out of surgery with that ugly yellowish/brown tube protruding from her abdomen, I wondered what horrible thing I had done to my baby.

It was about this time that I started using alternative methods of healing on Samantha. Massage therapy, healthy foods, vitamins, chiropractor treatments, Reiki, and many other types of alternative treatments. During this period, Samantha totally changed my belief system again. I now had a belief system that I could see proof of everyday.

Once she had me on the right path, she next took on the school system. The school would not give the handicapped kids the things they needed to progress or the therapy they needed. We spent several years fighting with the school, finally taking them to court. We won and the school was supposed to start teaching Samantha communication and giving her therapy. They also had to do what was needed to meet other children’s needs. Mission accomplished for Samantha. She never attended school again.

Samantha then decided it was time to take on the medical community. Her father took a job working off-shore, which she did not like. When he would leave, she would get pneumonia hoping that it would make him come home. When he came home, she got well. This became such a regular occurrence, that I would take her to see Dr M and he would say “Oh, dad left today.’

This began the most trying time of my life. At least once a month, I was told ‘Go home and prepare, she isn’t going to make it this time.’ Samantha took me through depths of grief that I did not even know existed. Even the doctor commented that he had never seen someone who could purposefully take herself to the brink of death and then pull back. He also commented on the fact that she could make her monitoring equipment read anything she wanted it to read. She couldn’t control much in her life, but she could control her body.

This was the worst 5 years of my life. I never knew a human could endure so much grief and fear. I prayed that Samantha would die and release me from the pain, but there was no way she would let me off that easy. I became proficient at giving her IV medications. She became proficient at not letting the nurses start the IV’s. One night, in my exhausted state, I almost put air into her IV tube. Luckily, she didn‘t need any more IV‘s after that. Apparently, I learned whatever lesson she felt that I needed to learn from her being so sick, and was not that sick again for many years.

During this time, I learned to love and accept Samantha just as she was. I learned that the only person who could make her healthy was her. I gave her permission to choose her own experiences. As I learned to stress less about her health, she became healthier. And I became stronger.

I got my panic attacks under control and took a job outside the house for the first time in 20 years. I decided that I didn’t like working for others and started my own business. Samantha stayed healthy and allowed me to take this time for myself and for Christopher so that we could grow.

This is when Samantha drew Michael into our lives. He stepped right in and helped me to care for her, which very few men would have done. Another mission accomplished. Time to move on to something else.

Samantha’s health worsened again and she became eligible for Nursing care along with the Caretakers I had always provided. This is when she brought Nurses into her life who became her family. People who could see the beautiful spirit that she was and who were open to seeing her spiritual side.

She taught each one to open their mind to a different reality than they were used to. She taught them that there is a spiritual and psychic realm where objects could be made to appear and disappear and communication could be telepathic. She showed them that she could get deathly ill long enough to get 24 hour nursing care approved, and then get well just as quickly.

She taught her Doctors that they didn’t know as much as they thought that they knew. The Doctors who knew her at all realized that Samantha was in control, not them. They knew that their medical expertise was not what was keeping her alive against all odds. These Doctors allowed me control of her care and prescribed medications and tests at my discretion. Because of this, Samantha lived 15 years longer than expected.

Even though I knew in my head that Samantha’s body would one day die, there was no way to be prepared for it. She had pulled through sickness after sickness, and we expected her to always be here.

And, Samantha is still here. We still hear her speaking to us telepathically. We still feel her love surrounding us. She still turns toys on and plays pranks. She is just moving on to her next mission of proving that we are more than physical bodies and that we live on in Spirit.

Samantha will live on in the hearts and minds of those whose lives she has touched and changed forever, and the world will continue to become a better place through them. Samantha has succeeded in changing the world that she came into this life to change.

Mission Accomplished!

copyright July 2, 2006
Claudia McNeely