“Thank you for the Heart and Soul Healing. I feel like I have more of me, and not so zoned out. I am starting to see flowing vapors which look like incense burning but not as grey and heavy. I see this type of clear smokey movement when I stair at something and just let my thoughts go. I do not see it when am in movement like walking or when I am tending to business. I also see it peripherally. It is very interesting. Maybe my psychic vision opened after the healing, and I am seeing energy? I don’t know, it makes me feel relaxed though. Thanks again for you treatment. You are very powerful healer.” T. L., CA

“The good news is that I find that I am feeling much better and I can trace the start of this back to the Wed after my 2nd soul retrieval session that you conducted for me. I feel a much greater sense of peace deep inside and my enjoyment of life is coming back! I want to thank you for your help :)” T. R.

“Thank you SO much!! I felt a dramatic shift around 11am my time and I feel like myself again. Thank you for clearing the energy at my home and office too. I really appreciate that.” L.F.

“You did this email reading for me last October (it is now March) and I wanted to give you some affirmation for your work and gift. I took seriously what you wrote to me because it felt so true to my heart although at the time a little hard to swallow. I decided in time that I would not go back to the man I asked about that you said was not emotionally available and 2 weeks ago I met a really wonderful man who so far seems like everything I asked for. Thank you for helping me see this more clearly and for your honestly in what you saw and your accuracy. You really helped me to move on for the better.” P.G.

“I only check my e-mails on my home computer once a week so I am now reading your e-mail. I have been telling myself how different I feel the last few days. More relaxed, less critical.  It’s hard to described but I feel more in charge of myself.  Almost like a veil has been taken away and I see or rather experience life more clearly. That’s when I started asking myself if you were working on me and it turns out you have” J.B.

“You probably know already, but hear from me too: You are the best! I am reading chakra guide you sent me along with the spirit depossession email, and I am figuring many many things out. am learning a lot of things from it. invaluable. am feeling much better now. Getting to have you depossess the entities, and tell about my angels and all stuff was a turning point in my life. Will never forget it. Just thanks god for stumbling through your website. And for many more.” N.B.

“Somewhere down the stresses of daily life, I had lost the ability to identify my inner voice. Claudia’s Divine Soul Reconnection gave my inner voice back to me. Now, my inner voice reverberates within me and creates bursts of information that allows me to see more deeply into myself. It is like a thought in communion. It gives me the echoes in my inner world from words in the outside world. This is the voice of my soul. It comes to me and tells me what to do; it gives me information to continue the healing process. I am always surprised by what comes to me when I listen with an open mind. Thank you, Claudia, for healing me.” S.J.

“Thank you… I did notice today on several occasions today that I felt more peaceful just out of the blue. Thoughts that I’ve had about recent close relationships aren’t emotionally binding me and weighing me down like they would normally do… it’s like I’m looking at them differently without guilt – is this perhaps part of the healing you’ve helped me with? Is this normal? I have always had issues with being afraid, breaking out of my routines & guilt. I feel a little weird too – a kind of settled, happier feeling, not so edgy.” S.D.

“I had a soul retrieval done by you about 2 years ago that helped me tremendously with my feeling of disconnect and depression. Ever since then I have been on a spiritual journey and really getting myself healthy in all areas. Needless to say, it has been quite a ride, a lot of ups and downs, but I am in a much better place now. I really credit you for helping me find myself and regain some of my power back.” L.E.

“Wow, when did you do it? Because, I woke up this morning feeling my normal tightness in my heart chakra, and then this evening, noticed that I was feeling so much better in that area. And earlier I was suuuuuper tired, even though I had had my cappucinno, and then this evening I am not nearly as tired as I normally would be at this time. Of course, I want to wallow with sick fascination in all the details of what you saw! I am most curious, about what vows I may have been laboring under unconsciously. But also, I realize that the point is not to get further stuck wallowing in the muck, but to be rid of it. So I can respect why perhaps you don’t go into detail regarding what things you found… My brain does feel good right now. Anything I can do to maintain the clarity and integrity of myself from here? I guess its in the e-books! So excited.” V.C.

“Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the angel reading!! You are correct my main angel has the most beautiful energy. Really, I understand all of what you spoke about. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!” K. S.

“Wow, you are completely spot on with EVERYTHING you said! Everything you said about my fiance was spot on. You are extremely accurate & I’ll be telling all my friends about this!!! Thank you so much!!!!” L.K.

“Thank you for the very insightful reading. I appreciate your honesty, and also helping to let myself off the hook.” S.P.

“Your answers make more sense than you know!” E.B.

“I am so amazed at the changes Claudia created in my life through Alternative Spiritual Energy Healing! Years of emotional issues disappeared almost like magic. I feel so blessed to have been led to Claudia!” T.M.

“Claudia, I just cannot thank you enough for helping us with Fluffy. She is eating now and feeling much better.” J.K. Alaska

“Rusty was not doing well and I just could not bring myself to have him put to sleep. He told Claudia that he was in lots of pain and was ready to be put out of his misery. I felt much better knowing that it was what Rusty wanted. He passed away peacefully as we held him in our arms. Claudia also told us that Rusty would return to us very quickly. We found a new puppy yesterday who acts just like Rusty. We have no doubt that it is him!” L.D. Washington

“Claudia’s psychic abilities are very accurate. Her clairvoyant psychic phone readings are very honest and frank. Over time, things she told me in my psychic reading that I did not believe were accurate, turned out to be very accurate. She is the most ethical, honest and accurate psychic I have encountered. Claudia gives you the information you need to create the life that you want, instead of allowing life to happen to you. I highly recommend Claudia for an accurate and very honest Clairvoyant Psychic Reading.” Christy, WA.

“I had a clairvoyant psychic phone reading by Claudia. I was amazed at how accurate the reading was! She helped me to see why things were happening in my life and how to change them. My psychic phone reading helped me to change my life.” Jan, Ireland.

“I ordered a 10 question psychic email reading by Claudia. Her answers were very accurate and honest. She did not tell me only what I wanted to hear as other psychics had. She gave me suggestions on changing my life to create the life I truly want. I was very happy with my psychic email reading.” Mary, UK.

“Claudia spent some time at the end of my session doing just Aura Healing. The energy was unbelievable. I could see the Angels and Fairies assisting her and the beautiful colors they were adding to my aura. I felt so wonderful and alive after the session. I can’t wait for my next session with Claudia and her helpers.” P. W. – Texas

“Wow! Claudia you are amazing! I cannot believe it, but the pain in my leg is totally gone! Thank you!” C.M.

“Claudia, I just cannot thank you enough. I was terrified that something horrible was wrong with me, but after a few sessions with you, all the symptoms that were bothering me are gone.” J.D.

“Claudia, I felt great after our Energy Healing Session. All of the stress that I have been feeling about work was gone. Thank you!” D. M. – Kentucky

“My session with Claudia was absolutely amazing! I am still vibrating! Thank you, Claudia!”

“My Throat Chakra has been constricted for a long time causing me to cough at times. After a few sessions with Claudia, the cough is gone and my Throat Chakra feels much more comfortable.” L.C.

“Claudia used energetic Crystal Healing during my Energy Healing Session. The energy felt wonderful and really made me feel wonderful.” C.D.

“My life totally changed after Claudia did a DNA Activation during my Energy Healing Session. I recommend Claudia to everyone I talk to!” P.L.

“My childhood was not wonderful which caused me to have lots of problems in relationships. Claudia helped me to release these emotions and I am now in the best relationship I have ever been in.” L.D.

“The energy in my house felt horrible. I felt that there were ghosts in the house. Claudia removed the entities and cleared the energy and my house feels like home now. I love spending time in my home now.” G.R.

“I scheduled a Energy Healing Session with Claudia because my right shoulder had been hurting me for several months. I had tried Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage and other treatments, but nothing had helped. Claudia found an alien implant in my shoulder. She and her Guides removed the implant and the pain disappeared. I was amazed!” V.G.

“I just could not get over my boyfriend leaving me. Claudia cut the cords that were connecting our heart chakras, and the pain eased considerably. After several sessions, I was finally able to accept that the relationship was over.” C.J.

“Claudia, I cannot thank you enough for helping me through my distressing time after Melanie died. Hearing her message for me made life without her so much easier. The healing that you did with me and the techniques you taught me helped me to survive this horrible loss.” D. T.

“My business increased considerably after Claudia cleansed the negative energy from it. Thank you, Claudia.” A.M.

“All my friends have commented on how much more comfortable and welcoming my house is. They keep asking me what I have changed! You did a great job, Claudia.” H.W.

“The business on my website had become very slow. Claudia did a Spiritual Cleansing on it, and sales immediately got better. I recommend Claudia to anyone with a business.” B. J.

“I had a fear of driving over bridges. As a truck driver, that was not a good thing. Claudia did 3 hypnotherapy sessions with me, and I listened to the tape she had made each night. I am actually able to drive over bridges without having a panic attack.” J.V.

“I am so grateful that Claudia helped me to get in touch with my Inner Children. My life is much calmer since I listen to their needs and take better care of them.” J.B.

“Claudia’s loving healing energy totally changed my life. I cannot describe what a positive effect she has had on my life through the years.” G.M.

“Claudia’s energetic acupuncture treatment felt very relaxing and really helped my pain.” T.A.

“My fibromyalgia pain has not returned since my Multi-Dimensional Chakra Healing Session last week! Thank you, Claudia. You are the greatest!” J. N. Wyoming

“I was amazed by my One Brain Emotional Healing. Claudia described issues from my life in great detail. The corrections that she used released the emotions gently, with no trauma. I highly recommend a Balanced Energy System Healing Session with One Brain Emotional Healing!” B. V. – Texas

“I felt the Reiki energy as soon as you started my distance session. The energy was so loving and healing. It made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. I slept all night and woke up this morning feeling wonderful.” P. M. – Montana

“Thank you very much for another very accurate reading.” J.W.

“I’ve got tears in my eyes. It was so nice to read what you have written. I will read it again and again. Wow- confirmation that I am on my path- that makes me feel so good, because so many times I have thought I didn’t belong there. And you got right away that I am very sensitive to energy. Many blessings to you!” S.P.

“Thank you so much for such an inspiring reading. Very good. I will take your advise and will look forward to immediate changes in my life right away. What we discussed really make sense in comparison to other psychics who have different views. What you explained is really the person I know and how he behaves. You even did not ask his name or birth and u picked up the real situation. I thank you very much and I appreciate everything you said and your encouragement. I will look forward to talking to u soon.” I.S. Virgin Islands

“Rev. Claudia helped me understand that emotions we carry deep within causes a definite reaction to our body and our life. Claudia cleared alot of issue’s and taught me how to clear and heal myself which allows me take responsibility and control over my health and life. I have recommended Rev. Claudia to everyone who is open to healing their life.” D.C.

“All I can say is Wow, Wow, Wow!!! You are so awesome! This reading really made my day and was so ‘right on!’ I just want to express to you the wonder of it- –I truly love you Claudia- for all that you do- I really think that you ( and all of the good reading that I have been doing) have lifted me, and shown me nonjudgement and forgiveness- and- the thing is- I have been passing this on in my own ignorant way-and- I tell you, Claudia, I have seen amazing acts of kindness-(from whom you or I might think are the most ignorant or close-minded of people) and, I don’t know what to say- except- that- I think- whatever your job is – YOUR ARE DOING IT EXCEPTIONALLY WELL.” S.P.

“Claudia, the Soul Retrieval totally changed my life. I am speaking up for myself for the first time in my life. Thank you so much for being part of my life!” D.V.

“Oh, my God! I cannot believe what a difference there is with my son! Removing the entities that were with him totally changed his attitude! He is actually pleasant to be around now! Claudia, I cannot thank you enough!” V. P. – France

“Claudia, since you released the entity that was with me, I have not had any more pain in my back. I can’t believe I experienced all those years of pain, and it wasn’t even my pain. Thank you so very much.” M. M. – Arizona

“My energy was very fractured and I had a hard time concentrating. Claudia went back on my time line and found the place that the fracture first occurred and healed it. I have been much more focused since she did the healing.” W.M.

“I was having a really hard time dealing with some things that had happened in my life. After one session with Claudia, I felt much better. After several sessions, my issues were completely gone.” M.E.

“Hi Claudia, Just wanted to let you know that your reading was pretty darn accurate! My son was born on August 3rd (one of the dates you predicted), we did have some issues with labor slowing down, and the cord was wrapped around his neck twice! The birth went just as you said it would. Not a girl, but he’s a Leo so I’m sure he’ll be a sweet and sensitive little man. Keep up the good work!” S. S.

“After working with Claudia, my life became more organized and clear with less confusion. I was able to be more gentle with myself. My health problems were totally reversed by working with Claudia. With her gentle healing nature, I was able to achieve a deeper level of self-love than I had ever experienced before.” Rev. B. J. A. , Arkansas.

“Claudia has helped me through a number of traumas. Her caring, understanding and gentle guidance has opened my mind to a greater understanding of my self and the world and a wonderful growth of Spirit. She’s not only a fine healer who is willing to go the distance with me and a well-read and resourceful person, but a good and trustworthy friend. I would recommend her to anyone, anytime.” R. G. , Maryland.

“I paid a fortune for a reading with a well-known psychic. Claudia’s readings are much more accurate and helpful. I won’t make that mistake again.” R. L. , Texas

“After following Claudia’s Feng Shui recommendations, We could tell the difference immediately! Business increased the next day in areas that had been languishing. Each time we make a change in an area, the energy in that area increases.” J. I., Texas.

“I feel like a whole person. I have so much hope for the future now. I feel so secure.” B. C., Texas.

“Within two days of making the Feng Shui changes Claudia recommended, I had two new important clients.” O. M., Texas.

“My relationship was back on track within days of making the Feng Shui changes recommended.” C. W., Texas

“Claudia did a long distance reading for me last week, and it was extremely helpful. I’d recommend her methods to anyone. I found her method to be very, very effective. She hooks right in over the phone, without any kind of awkwardness or discomfort about the experience. I’m definitely impressed.” S. M. , Illinois