Spiritual Snobs


All of us came from the same original source. We are all equal in the eyes of the Creator. We are all unique and special in our ownSpiritual Snob way.

Unfortunately, today’s Metaphysical community is filled with Spiritual Snobs.

This became very apparent to me during the years I was doing the daily Ascension Energy Report on Facebook each day.

There was always someone who had to post about how they are immune to the energies because their vibration was so much higher than those who feel the energies.

Or someone had to post their opinion that those who feel the energies must be stuck in their lower chakras.

Many Spiritual Snobs criticize the Light Warriors who are fighting the darkness, insisting that they should only focus on ‘Love and Light’. They feel that the Light Warrior is inferior because they are aware of the realities of the world we live in and are fighting to change it.

Other Spiritual Snobs feel that if someone has a health issue or emotional issue that it is because their vibration is not high enough.

I am sure everyone reading this has been the victim of the Spiritual Snob at one time or another.

We chose to incarnate on Earth because of the many lessons that can be learned here, because of the many experiences that are available here. Some of us are Light Warriors, bringing the darkness to the Light to be changed. We may be politically active, or speak out on animal abuse, or Veteran’s rights. There are many ways the Light Warrior can assist in changing the consciousness of humanity.

Some of us chose to be Earth Sensitives to assist the Earth and all beings to move through the ascension process by taking on much of the pain.

We are all here for different reasons, learning different lessons and with different gifts.

One path is not better than another, they are just different. Too many allow their ego to take control, creating the Spiritual Snob. Instead of seeing each person as the beautiful Soul that they are, they feel that they are superior, that their path is more important.

Ascension is about learning to live in our Heart. To see the world and all beings as Love and from Love.

When we are coming from our Heart, we are able to see that all is Love. We know that everything is perfect just as it is. We allow others to be who they are, where they are, doing what they are here to do.

I am reminded of a story about a man who was an alcoholic. He had been abusive to his family and ended up living on the streets. He was seen as a disgusting, filthy person of extremely low vibration, when in reality, he was a Master who had incarnated to assist others in learning important lessons.

Remember this the next time you find yourself judging another or being a Spiritual Snob. Move into your heart and see the person with eyes of Love instead. See how this changes your life, as well as theirs.


How have you experienced Spiritual Snobbery? Share to help bring awareness. 


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