The Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras

The last few years have been very rough on everyone, and has really thrown the lower Chakras out of balance. We are victims (Root) to finances, jobs, health, etc; which causes us to be a martyr (Sacral), suffering and sacrificing ourselves; leading to us to become a servant (Solar Plexus), having no power to create change.

If these lower Chakras are out of balance, so are the upper Chakras. When we are not grounded (Root), we can be easilyThe Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras by Claudia McNeely controlled on all levels. Our Third Eye and Crown will be out of balance, causing us to connect to lower level beings instead of the Masters we intend to. It is easy for us to be used by the Voice of God Technology to spread untruths through the Spiritual Community. This has been happening so much that little coming through channels is Truth anymore.

In the US, we have just come out of a very hostile election process. Many of us saw Bernie Sanders as the person who would change our country to one of Love and Peace, only to have the rug pulled out from under us when he was cheated by the Democrats. Seeing the way his delegates were treated at the convention disempowered us.

When Hillary lost, her supporters felt much as Sanders’ did. They are now disempowered and feeling like victims. George Soros was able to take advantage of this, paying protesters to cause riots throughout the US.

As Trump prepares for taking office, he is breaking many of the promises he made to get elected, which is causing many of his supporters to feel like disempowered victims.

The Native Americans in North Dakota are refusing to be victims any longer and are standing up for all of our right to clean drinking water. They are attempting to do this peacefully, through prayer and Love, though the militarized police are doing all they can to cause it to be anything but peaceful.

More and more Truths have been coming out, and will continue to come out.

Wikileaks produced emails sent by the Democrats proving that they sabotaged Sanders and made sure that Hillary was the chosen candidate. The also released information on the illegal things that the Clinton Foundation did while Hillary was Secretary of State.

Anthony Weiner got caught sexting another underage girl, causing his computer to be confiscated. It was found to be filled with confidential emails that Hillary had sent Huma from her private server and information about the pedophile ring, known as Pizzagate, that most of our government is involved in.

All of this has brought up many feelings. Many of us are shocked and in disbelief about much of it. Staying stuck in these lower energies of anger, hate and blame will only attract more lower energies, which is what the Powers That Be want. This will allow them to control us, so they can continue on their chosen path.

The Spiritual community has not been free of these feelings either. I had to close my Facebook group because of all the hate from people who claimed to be loving and coming from their heart. I have had to ‘unfriend’ many people because of the hate they were spewing. I think many of us have experienced this.

The fires in the Appalachian Mountains are a manifestation of the hate burning through the US.

It is essential that we heal our victim, martyr and servant; and move those energies up to our Heart.

When we stay in our Heart, then all is seen through the eyes of Love. We can see how all the events happening are truly leading us to the world of Peace and Love we have long dreamed of. When we are in our Heart, we can see things from a much higher perspective, and see how each event is affecting the world and creating the perfect reality for us.

I did not want Trump or Hillary as president, but once Trump won, I could accept that as the will of the Creator. I knew that there was a reason for it, and decided to just watch to see what he does. So far, I have been surprised by some of his positions. He immediately smoothed things over with Russia, stopping WW3 that the Powers That Be wanted so badly. He is going to put together a form of Universal Healthcare. He is allowing the deduction of all the costs of child care for working Mothers. He is going to have vaccines investigated, as well as Big Pharma. These are some of the same things Bernie was planning. He is planning to end the Federal Reserve. I think we will all be surprised at the good things Trump will do.

The Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras by Claudia McNeelyOpen your Heart. Send your Love out into the Universe to attract more love. Fill the Collective Consciousness with Love, and see it transmuting the negative emotions that are there. Imagine the Earth, and all people, surrounded by the Violet Flame to transmute the hate in their hearts.

We must BE the change we are wanting, and if you are like me, you want Love and Peace.


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  1. edna

    Glory be to God in the Highest and Peace to all His people here on earth!!! I am filled with gratitude for your timely post Claudia. It has been a wild ride and still we have so much to see with Trump in this position. It is taking everything I have to stay in my heart and feel love for all the insanity going on around us at this time. We are not alone in this….Brightest blessings to you and yours…e*

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  3. Sue

    so wonderful to finally getting a explanation and way to resolve what we all have been feeling ! I had an incident happen at end of October that has me out of work until Dec 5…it was spirit giving me the opportunity to do what you suggested…release the yuk from the lower chakras and come from the heart . I also believe we must give Trump a chance..I think we maybe pleasantly surprised, though all will not agree…
    Thank you for taking your time and helping us all

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      Claudia McNeely

      Glad it helped, Sue. This is the time we have been waiting for. We must learn to stay in our heart so we can move to the next level. This is why we are here, so we can do it. Just keep telling yourself that. lol

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