Releasing Metaphysical Dogma


Many of us found our way to Metaphysics and the New Age Movement as a result of our inability to accept the dogma of organizedReleasing Metaphysical Dogma religion. We could not accept that only one religion was the true religion, especially since we have been told that by all of them. We could not endure the hypocrisy, the control or the egos.

We came to Metaphysics because it was more accepting, more loving, more inclusive. Our minds were opened to new beliefs, new experiences and new horizons. It was not considered a religion, it was a way of life. We no longer felt smothered by the dogma.

Unfortunately, over time, just as much dogma has been introduced to the Metaphysical religion. There are now huge egos involved. We are told that we have to be vegetarian to be spiritual and that we can’t ascend if we are eating meat products or non-organic foods.

There are spiritual snobs who think that they are a much higher in vibration that others. They look down on those who experience pain during the energy changes saying it is because their vibration is not high enough. That if those who are Earth Sensitives can only raise their vibration as high theirs, then they will feel no symptoms.

There is much misinformation from many who channel spiritual beings, extraterrestrials or Ascended Masters. We are told that we will be saved by ET’s, removed from the Earth and taken to another planet. Messages are channeled of events that are going to occur, but that never do. When the channel is shown to be incorrect, they make excuses that the timing was not right, but that it will still happen.

There are those who open portals and star gates, or fire grids, when they have no idea what they are doing or what the effect will be.

Many spiritual teachers demean our humanness and cause those searching for their path to feel inferior.

There are healers who create ‘new’ healing techniques (that have really been around for many years by another name), so they can charge exorbitant prices for the ‘technique given to them by their extraterrestrial guide’.

People who are searching for their spiritual path are easily taken in by these egos, causing them much harm as a result.

It is important to take the dogma out of Metaphysics. We have to learn to use our own discernment about the things we learn about. If someone tells us something that does not feel right, we need to listen to our inner voice, instead of thinking that the other person knows more than we do.

A lie will always make you feel heavy. A truth will always make you feel light.

Pay attention to how you feel when something is presented to you. If it does not feel right, if it makes your solar plexus tighten up, if it feels heavy, then it is not true. If it speaks to your heart, makes you feel happy or makes you feel lighter, then it is true.

Listen to your own guidance, even if the message is coming from a ‘guru’. It is time for us to all be our own guru, to create our own truths, to create our own realities.

The only place that there is no dogma is in the heart. Once we learn to inhabit our heart at all times, to live our life from our heart, only then will we have found the truth. When we are centered in our heart, following our own truth, it does not matter what truth another person is following. We can then allow everyone to have their own Truth, to create their own reality in the way that is right for them.

Only by living life from our hearts can we ascend and move into the higher dimensions which are pure Love.


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