Red Flags and Discernment


Red Flags and Discernment

Too many people in the metaphysical community do not use their discernment and do not set boundaries. As a result, they leave themselves open to being manipulated veryRed Flags and Discernment easily.

Metaphysics was compromised many years ago. By the early 1900’s the Cabal/Elite/Illuminati knew that this spiritual community would be trouble to them and their plans, and decided to put a stop to it. They began to spread false teachings, which has continued through present time. As they infiltrated the community, their teachers gave some Truth, enough to get people to trust them, then gave a lot of false information.

Today, many spiritual teachers do not realize they are sharing false information, because they are only repeating what they have heard.

One of the most damaging falsehoods was that we don’t need protection, or that only a bubble of Light or Love was needed for protection. I still hear today ‘As long as I am surrounded by Love, nothing can affect me.’ This untruth makes it very easy to steal people’s energy and manipulate them.

When I was studying Psychic Protection, I realized how easy it was to get through that bubble of Light, not that I would ever try, but others in the group would not hesitate.

Mind control is used to impersonate the Ascended Masters, by putting thoughts into people’s minds, until today, few people actually connect with the true Ascended Masters such as Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, Sananda, etc. They are instead connecting to imposters. This is why there are so many channelings today filled with false information and ‘feel good’ words.

An article has been circulating on FaceBook entitled “URGENT MESSAGE FOR ALL STARSEEDS, LIGHTWORKERS, TWIN FLAMES, 144K, HEALERS, ELDERS, WISDOM KEEPERS AND THE REST…” When I first read it, I saw red flag after red flag which caused me to feel very uncomfortable about it. Many others felt the same way.

The article was written directly from the writer’s Ego, who tells the reader that if they don’t agree with it, then their ego is the problem. They give no information about what group they are working with, just that energy will be beamed at Earth and people have no option but to accept and spread it around.

After my time spent learning Psychic Protection with people who had no qualms about attacking others and stealing their energy, I am very leery of who I allow into my energy field. I want to know who they are, why they are sending energy and what they are doing with the energy. This is the boundary I have chosen to make.

Red Flags and DiscernmentThis energy will be beamed to the Earth tonight, Saturday, April 9, starting at 2 am ET and last for 3 hours. If, like me, you do not want to be involved in this, be sure to have a protective shield.

You can also ask your Angels to put a filter around your energy field to filter out any non-beneficial or harmful energies. Imagine what this filter would look like and how it would work.

You can charge a crystal or design a crystal grid to protect yourself from the energy.

Whatever type of protection you choose, I suggest beginning at 1 am ET so that it will be firmly in place and strong at the appointed time. Continue to put energy into your protection for at least an hour after the completion time.

We are expected to use our discernment, and if something does not feel good, we must listen to our intuition. Are you listening?


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