Pet Healing – Animal Communication

Animals are more than just our pets, they are out family. When they are in pain, we suffer with them. It can bePet Healing and Communication difficult knowing what is wrong with our animal companions, much less how to fix it.

How I Can Help Your Pet

Being a Clairvoyant Psychic, I am able to easily communicate with your pet as they share their feelings and thoughts. 

I can use any technique on pets that I use on humans. I can easily and gently heal your pet physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.Your pet deserves the same assistance that you do.

I have worked with a lot of animals over the years. Like us, they have emotional issues which cause dis-ease. They may have a past life affecting their health and well being, or their chakras may need balanced. They may be missing their litter mate or dislike your new friend. Whatever the issue, I can help them to heal

An Owl Frightened of His Food

My vet was caring for a rescued owl in his clinic. He was trying unsuccessfully to teach him to hunt so he could be released. I talked to the owl and found that he was terrified of the mice they were putting into his cage. Over several nights, I went into meditation and took the owl flying. I pointed out a mouse on the ground and explained to him that it was his food and that he had to catch it to eat. He was frightened at first, but finally he caught the mouse in our meditation. On my next visit to the vet, he was thrilled that the owl was starting to kill the mice that were put into his cage.

Past Life Pain

One of my dogs was attacked by a panther and his leg mauled. The vet amputated the leg and sent him home to heal. Friskie would not stop chewing on the leg. We tried everything, but he continued to chew on the leg until the vet had to amputate it a second time.I was just learning the healing techniques I now use and had no idea whether it would work on an animal. But, I decided to try it and see.

I discovered that in a past life, Friskie had gotten his leg caught in a bear trap. The only way he could release himself was to chew his leg off. Gangrene set in and he died. The pain he was experiencing in this lifetime was reminding him of the pain he felt while in the bear trap.

Using my newly acquired healing methods, I healed his issues and body from the past life memory.He also told me that he wanted to be an inside pet, so I promised him that he could stay inside in the future. He stopped chewing on his leg and healed rapidly. He spent the rest of his very long life very happily at my feet.

A Skinny Rhodesian Ridgeback

I was visiting a friend and made a comment about her beautiful Doberman Pincher. She informed me that it was actually a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but would not gain weight. She informed me that he had been starved by his previous owner. He told me that he felt he did not deserve to eat and I realized that his stomach was so shrunken that he could only hold small amounts of food.

I healed the emotional issues causing him to feel he didn’t deserve food and performed etheric surgery to stretch his stomach so he could eat more. To his owner’s delight, he quickly started gaining weight.

Claudia McNeely is located in Texas. All Sessions are offered  by phone, Skype or absentee by distance

Most Pet Healing Sessions only require 30 minutes because animals are much more willing to heal than we humans are.

A Pet Healing Session is only $100.00.

Summer Special only $60.00! 

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“Claudia, I just cannot thank you enough for helping us with Fluffy. She is eating now and feeling much better.” J.K. Alaska


“Rusty was not doing well and I just could not bring myself to have him put to sleep. He told Claudia that he was in lots of pain and was ready to be put out of his misery. I felt much better knowing that it was what Rusty wanted. He passed away peacefully as we held him in our arms. Claudia also told us that Rusty would return to us very quickly. We found a new puppy yesterday who acts just like Rusty. We have no doubt that it is him!” L.D. Washington

Whenever Sassy starts acting anxious and stops eating, I know there is a problem with the energy in the house. Each time, Claudia has quickly removed the entity or closed the portal. I know immediately when she does the clearing because Sassy is suddenly normal again. Thank you, Claudia!” Natalie West, UK

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