Owning Our Feminine Energy


Most of us were raised to give up our power to an unseen ‘God’ or Goddess’. This Being had full control of our lives, making all our Owning Our Feminine Energydecisions for us and creating tests for us to prove our worth. We were taught that we had no power, that we were not worthy and that we had no control.

It almost seems we look for ways to give away our power. We will do anything to keep from taking responsibility for our lives. As long as we don’t accept responsibility, we can blame God, our parents, our boss, our government or anyone except ourselves.

In truth, we create our reality.

We create everything that is in our lives with our thoughts, feelings and our focus. What we put our focus on is what we create. We are responsible for everything in our lives, whether we want to accept that reality or not.

Together we create the energy that is in the collective consciousness. This collective consciousness creates the energy of our cities, countries and governments. It is our collective consciousness that has created our world as it is today.

Our world is filled with separation. We see ourselves as separate from everyone and everything. We refuse to see how our thoughts have created the reality that we now live in, how we are responsible for creating the current economic crisis, the violence in our world or the dis-eases that exist.

It is to the benefit of the ‘powers that were’ for us to feel this separation and to live from that point of separation. It is to their benefit that we pay more attention to Reality TV and violent movies than to creating peace. They have created that reality for us, and we blindly oblige them.

This separation is the reality that has been created in the thousands of years that we have lived in a patriarchal society. It has been a period of violence, war and separation.

The Feminine energies are now taking over and becoming stronger. We are moving into a Matriarchal society based on love, peace and feminine power. It is time for the female to control the world. It is time for each of us, male and female, to move into our feminine power.

Feminine power is soft, loving, accepting, peaceful and gentle. It is also protective and powerful. Think of the mother bear protecting her young. There is nothing weak about a Mother.

This is the power that we are moving into. This is the power that we have to accept and to own as ours.

We have to learn to take care of ourselves instead of looking to others to take care of us. We have to stop looking to the governments of the world to take care of us and save us, and learn to take care of ourselves and provide for our own needs. We have to stop looking to ET’s to come down and save us and instead stand up and save ourselves.

We have to join together in Love and Peace and create a world that IS Love and Peace. We have to be the Divine Mother and provide for everyone’s needs. We have to create the world governments in Oneness and Unity.

We have to own our Power, know that there is nothing more potent than our Feminine Power and put this Power to work changing our world.

The time has come, the time is NOW!


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