Mercury Retrograde, Again


Once again, Mercury is set to begin it’s retrograde motion. Though this happens several times a year, we all seem to panic when we hear the words ‘Mercury Retrograde’. It is not to be feared if you know what to expect and how to survive it. We do not have to be overwhelmed by these energies if we are prepared.Mercury Retrograde, Again

When a planet is retrograde, it seems to be moving backward, though it actually isn’t. Mercury will stay in retrograde motion until June 11, but we may feel the effects of it through the end of the month.

Mercury is the planet of communication, so when it is retrograde, it adversely affects communication, computers, cell phones, electronics, travel, transportation, etc. There is always an increase in arguments and misunderstandings during this period, so it is a good idea to take a deep breath and think before you speak or react. It will take effort not to react with anger or hurt feelings when we are being affected by this energy. So remember to breathe, breathe and breathe some more.

This is not a good time to make any major decisions, as our thinking is cloudy and decisions made at this time are often based on misinformation.

Relationships started during Mercury Retrograde are usually an opportunity to learn something we thought we had finished, so they do not often last for very long, and are often chaotic and painful.

Since our mind goes on vacation during this period, think carefully before speaking so you don’t end up with both feet in your mouth. Reread everything you write to make sure that it says what you intend for it to say. Make sure that the email, text, letter or package is going to the right person. It is very easy to send it to the wrong person during this period.

It is not a good idea to make any large purchases during Mercury Retrograde, as they often do not work properly or break immediately. This includes houses, cars, cell phones, computers, game consoles, etc. If you choose to make a purchase anyway, be sure you have a very good return or repair policy.

Be sure to back up your computer and cell phone. Mercury is notorious for messing with our Mercury Retrograde, Againcomputers and many people have lost everything on their hard drive during Mercury Retrograde. It is essential to back up your important information, contacts, files and pictures. Many of us have already experienced computer problems this week, and we are only in the shadow of the retrograde. I have a feeling there will be more to come.

This not the time to start anything new, but a time for completing things already begun. It is not a good idea to sign any contracts at this time. If you have no choice, be sure to read the fine print many times. Any agreements put in writing during Mercury Retrograde may need to be totally revised after Mercury goes direct. If you started a contract or agreement prior to the retrograde, and are only finalizing it, you might be ok.

There are usually delays with travel and our rides seem to break down or have flats more often. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to get to work or an appointment. This is a good time to stay home and nurture ourselves.

During Mercury Retrograde, we become introspective and rehash things we thought we had finished. Many things from our past will come back to haunt us. People from our past that we thought we were finished with will show up again, just to make sure we are truly finished. Issues and fears we thought we had healed will rear their ugly heads once more, giving us the opportunity to heal them on an even deeper level.

What to do during Mercury Retrograde:

  1. Read all contracts and documents several times before signing.
  2. Take a deep breath and think before speaking.
  3. Speak clearly and repeat yourself if necessary.
  4. Reread all emails, texts, comments, documents, etc. before you send.
  5. Insure all packages you ship and make sure you have tracking on them.
  6. Have your car serviced and tires checked.
  7. Leave early for work or appointments and be prepared for delays.
  8. Renew commitments, but do not make new ones.
  9. Be prepared for people from your past to cross your path again.
  10. Look back on your life and all that you have learned.
  11. Practice forgiveness.
  12. Confirm all appointments, meetings, dates and times, then reconfirm them.
  13. Finish what you have started.
  14. Back up your computer and cell phone. You don’t want to lose your important files, contacts or photos.

What not to do during Mercury Retrograde:

  1. Buy computers, cell phones or other electronic equipment. If you do, make sure it has a good return/repair policy.
  2. Sign contracts. If you can’t delay it a few weeks, read the small print very carefully.
  3. Misunderstand others or get upset if they misunderstand you.
  4. Overreact. Take a deep breath and think a moment before you react to what someone else has said or done.
  5. Start a romantic relationship. Relationships started during Mercury Retrograde are not usually meant to last very long.
  6. Start anything new. This is the time to complete what has already been started.
  7. Run late for appointments or work.
  8. Believe everything you hear. You may not be hearing it properly.
  9. Rant or fight on social media.
  10. Send reports, emails or documents without reading and rereading.

It is a good time to finish up all the projects you have begun that you never completed. It will be beneficial to organize your house, your files andMercury Retrograde, Again your life. This is an opportunity to review everything.

Most of all be kind to yourself. This is a good time to nurture and love ourselves and others too. Take a deep breath and observe how these energies affect you and those around you. It can be a very entertaining few weeks.

To survive this period, remember to take a deep breath and think before you react. You may not be hearing what was actually being said. Be patient with missed appointments, flat tires or delayed travel. Most of all, remember to breathe and stay calm.

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