I Have A Dream


I have a dream that one day our world will be filled with people who live from their heart, with people who ARE Unconditional Love.I Have A Dream by Claudia McNeely

A world where there is no judgment, no need to be right, no attempting to force one’s beliefs on others.

As I observe the Metaphysical/New Age Community today, it is a very long way from that dream, and that makes me very sad.

Too many talk about moving into the 5th Dimension and living from their heart, but they are very far away from actually walking their talk. There is too much judgment, too much bullying, too much spiritual snobbery and too much ego.

It is time for all of us to look inside our hearts and be very honest in asking ourselves if we are Truly living in a 4th or 5th dimensional way, or if we are only giving it lip service.


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