I Chose to Experience THIS?


Before we are born, we attend a meeting with out Spirit Guides and decide what experiencesI Chose To Experience THIS? we want have in our next incarnation. We plan the major episodes of our life and set up choices that we can make. But, after we are born we can’t imagine that we ever chose to experience THIS. Have you ever noticed that when it comes to your own life, it is hard to see something clearly, but it is crystal clear when you see it in another’s life? This is something I learned from Terri Schiavo’s life.

Let’s go back 100 years or so. A large group of souls meet to decide a lifetime which is going to make a very large impact on the World. This lesson will concern end of life issues. A soul is needed to be the Pope during this lesson. Another soul is needed to play the role of a woman whose life will be sacrificed in a horrible way to help humanity learn this lesson. A beautiful soul volunteers to play this role. Another soul is needed to play the role of her husband who will be the instigator of this lesson. Another beautiful soul agrees to play this role, knowing that he will be hated and scorned. And so it goes as we each volunteered to play a specific role in this world play. According to those who knew Terri, she was a lovely young woman who was very happy and tender hearted. In high school, Terri was fat and never had a single date. Her first date was in college with a man by the name of Michael. It was love at first sight and he was the first man to ever kiss Terri. They were married and Terri lost a lot of weight. One night Terri collapsed under mysterious circumstances and the oxygen was cut off to her brain causing massive brain damage. Several years after this accident, Michael decided that Terri should be allowed to die by dehydration and starvation. He started a lawsuit which spanned many years for the permission to do so. Finally, he succeeded and Terri was starved and dehydrated before the whole world over a period of 13 days. During this time, the Pope became seriously ill requiring that he be on a ventilator for a short time. He also needed a feeding tube to be fed and hydrated while Terri was being starved and dehydrated. After Terri died, the Pope soon followed leaving humanity to process this important lesson that they had co-created. In looking at this scenario, it becomes clear how we stay on track in our plans. Terri was fat when she was young which prevented her from having any dates. This was her soul’s was of making sure that she was not drawn off course by another man. If she had been as pretty then as she was later, she may have married a different man and this plan for humanity would not have occurred. So, her soul chose to be fat to keep itself on track.

I am sure Terri said many times that she would not have chosen to live this. She would not have chosen to experience the things she did. I know her family feel they would never have chosen to experience something so horrible. But the truth is, we all chose to have these experiences. I can see now how this has played in my own life. My soul and my children’s souls chose that their father would be a particular man. I was not happy with him, but was married to him for 11 years before Samantha was born. I could have left him during those years, but my soul chose to experience horrible panic attacks and insecurities to keep me with him. Once my children were born, my soul allowed me to start healing. Twenty-five years later, I finally left him and met my life partner. So many times through these years have I said that I would not have chosen to experience this. I would not have chosen to be in a miserable marriage for 25 years. I definitely would not have chosen to have a disabled, critically ill daughter. But the truth is, I did choose all these things.

So, the next time you hear yourself say you never would have chosen to experience this, remember this lesson that Terri has so lovingly chosen to help us learn.

April 2005 Claudia McNeely


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