Hippies, History of New Age and the New Paradigm


Over the last few years, many of us have become disenchanted with the dogma and Spiritual Snobbery in the New Age/Metaphysical community. I have personally been feeling the desire to walk away from it, knowing that there has to be something better.

Well, there is. A New Paradigm is here.

Out of curiosity, I recently decided to do research about the New Age and was shocked to learn that it was only created in the 1970’s. I was under the impression that it had started much earlier than that, which I am sure many of us are.

Many of us remember the 1960’s, the Hippie movement, Woodstock, Vietnam protests, etc., with a sense of nostalgia. Buddhism, Hinduism, Hare Krishna and Native American beliefs were introduced, showing us the way to Peace and Love. People came together, loved everyone and shared with others.

It was the first time in many generations that the young people took a stand. We wanted Peace and Love, not war. We wanted inclusion, instead of separation, and wereHippies, History of New Age and the New Paradigm willing to fight and protest for integration and equality.

Many of the protests became violent as we saw protestors gunned down for daring to stand their ground. The most Peaceful and Loving humans – John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, John Lennon and others were assassinated for trying to create a better world.

Where previous wars were celebrated, encouraged and supported by our citizens, we looked at the Vietnam War, and all that it entailed, and refused to support it or contribute to it. We finally began to realize that wars were not started for the reasons we were told, but were used to create a money opportunity for the Elites. By 1975, the US was forced to leave Vietnam because of public opinion here in the US.

The ‘Hippies’/young people had become a force of change. We learned that we could create our reality and wanted to create one of Peace and Love, but that is not profitable for the Elite. They need their wars.

I have heard talk for years that the New Age was started by members of ‘the Elite’ in order to control us and keep us from being able to stop their plans. After the research I have done, I think this is true.

Many beliefs in the New Age are anchored in the older spiritual Truths of Eastern spiritual practices. But, many have no basis in Truth at all.

For the Elites to compromise the New Age movement would not have been difficult. All they had to do was to share some Truth with a lot of untruths. It is these untruths that encouraged us to stop protesting and trying to create change.

One of the most devastating New Age beliefs was to stop watching TV News and reading newspapers. As long as we did not pay attention, we would not know what they were up to or make any efforts to create further change.

We were also convinced that voting did not change anything, that it was a waste of time to vote.

As a result, that generation, and every generation since, has had their heads in the sand, losing more and more rights and being under more and more control; until today we have few rights left.

But, the New Paradigm has arrived!!

Our young people are standing up! They have started paying attention to what is happening, the wrongs being committed. They are refusing to sit down and shut up. They are getting their news from alternative news sources instead of main stream media, so they know more about what it really happening in the world. They are able to talk to people in other countries via the internet, thus learning Truths from the people instead of listening to government propaganda.

Teens are filing lawsuits against governments worldwide over climate change. They know, without being told, how important it is to protect Mother Earth.

Teens are creating free energy devices, technology for cleaning the oceans and many other inventions far more advanced than their years.

They are registering to vote in record numbers, after being fed the lie for years that ‘voting does not change anything’. They are being joined by old Hippies in protests on the steps of Congress, the Democratic National Headquarters, CNN and other sites, demanding that corruption be removed from our government and politics.

How wonderful is this?!

These young people do not consider themselves ‘New Age’. Few of them follow any organized spiritual beliefs. They just KNOW it should be about Loving everyone and everything, without all the dogma normally attached to it.

The closest term to describe their beliefs is ‘Humanism’.

From Wikipedia – “Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence (rationalism, empiricism) over acceptance of dogma or superstition.”

The New Paradigm of Peace and Love has arrived!Hippies, History of New Age and the New Paradigm

Many of us who have been involved in the New Age/Metaphysics since around its inception are following this same knowing. We are making the effort to BE Love, instead of just paying lip service to Love.

Too many others are stuck in the New Age lies and Spiritual Snobbery and have no desire to leave it. Will this older generation have to die out for us to all experience true Peace and Love? I really hope not.

Join me in retiring the role of ‘LightWorker/LightWarrior’, since ‘Light’ is harsh and uncomfortable. Instead embrace the energy of ‘Love’, which is soft and nurturing, in the New Paradigm role of ‘LoveWorker/LoveWarrior’.

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