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Do you often feel that something is missing in your life? Do you feel empty, lost or stuck? If so, you may be experiencing the Healing Your Heart and Soul by Claudia McNeely symptoms of Soul Loss.

All of us lose pieces of our soul. When a baby is born and immediately removed from their Mother for needed care, that can cause soul loss. When a toddler falls, causing a bruise on their head, they can lose some of their soul. When you lose your best friend, a piece of your soul can remain with them.

Just think of all the other points in our lives when we can lose a piece of our soul – divorce, death, arguments, job loss, health issues and the list can go on and on. Any major upset or trauma in our life can cause us to lose soul pieces.

If a child really, really wants a cookie or a certain toy, and Mom says ‘no’, it can be traumatic enough to cause soul loss.

If we can lose a piece of our soul by not getting the toy we dreamed of, how many pieces of our soul can we have lost by the time we are adults? Is it any wonder so many of us are depressed and stuck.

I have never met anyone who has not experienced soul loss. We all have traumatic events occur in our life from a fight with our friend to the death of a pet. Traumatic events are a part of life, they are always going to happen.

Indigenous peoples have always known about soul loss and had methods for returning the lost pieces. Few of us remember those ways in today’s world, yet the soul loss continues to occur.

We try to carry on, try to pull ourselves together, but usually only fall deeper into despair that we will ever feel normal again. We do not know how to bring back the lost soul pieces so we can feel whole once again.

It is not easy to find a professional who can return the missing parts. Most Shamanic healers only return one or two pieces at a time. We feel good afterward, but still feel that something is missing.

Bringing back all of the missing pieces at one time, without healing the reason that they left, can be very traumatic to our psyche. We can experience a major healing crisis that takes time to recover from.

After my own traumatic experience with Soul Retrieval, I asked my Angels if there was a more gentle way to return the missing pieces. They assisted me in creating the Heart and Soul Healing method that I have been using for 15 years. It is very gentle, very healing and life changing.

Clients who have experienced Heart and Soul Healing report feeling stronger. Their emotions are calmer and they feel more complete. They report feeling more powerful and able to stand up for themselves. It has changed many, many lives. Each follow-up Session brings even deeper levels of healing.

As we prepare for our ascent into the higher dimensions, a Heart and Soul Healing Session can be a spring-board to rapid Spiritual Transformation.

Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to feel whole and complete again? Order your Heart and Soul Healing today!


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