Headache and Ascension


Too many of us have headaches as part of our Ascension Symptoms. These headaches can beHeadaches and Ascension as mild as a slight pressure or as bad as a massive migraine. It is not unusual to have a headache in some form every day for a year or more. 

As the Light from the Sun and Center of the Universe increases, it causes our Crown and Third Eye Chakras to be over-stimulated. They are receiving more Light and Energy than they are able to process. The Light entering the Third Eye is also activating the Pineal Gland, which is calcified in most of us. The expansion of  our Chakras and Pineal Gland can be very painful.

The good news is that Ascension Symptoms do not last forever. After experiencing debilitating symptoms for many years, my symptoms began to decrease a couple of years ago. I still have some symptoms, but they have lessened considerably. I often only have mild symptoms now, though I do get my butt kicked by Solar Flares once in a while.

One thing that helped me to reduce them was to recognize and honor that I was having them and why.

The symptoms we have are often Mother Earth’s attempt to ask for our assistance. I realized that whenever there was a large Earthquake in Indonesia, I would have excruciating pain in my spine behind the heart. It was obvious that I had a heart connection to that area or someone there.

I used the Energetic Clearing Technique and the other healing techniques I use with my clients to release the emotions and past life connections that I had to the area. Whenever I felt the pain begin, I would immediately begin to send Love and Peace to the area and the people there. The more I did that, the less pain I had in my back. I apparently healed the emotions and gave Mother Earth what was needed, because I do not have any pain now when there is an Earthquake there. I have been reacting to the Earthquakes in Nepal, though, by not sleeping, being very depressed and anxious. I am now doing the same thing with Nepal and the people there.

I also use a similar technique to the one I used in the Healing Ascension Symptoms MP3. I no longer use the ‘Clearing Statement’ used on that telecall, with myself or my clients, for many reasons. Instead, we just take a deep breath and let the energy go.


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