God/Goddess Will Provide

I have had several clients, especially during a Relationship Psychic Reading, who got upset with me when I told them that they had toGod/Goddess Will Provide make an effort to meet their Life Partner. You cannot sit home all the time and expect the person of your dreams to knock on your door. They told me that since God/Goddess will provide, S/He will bring the person they are meant to be with to them with no effort on their part.

I know someone personally who expects a million dollars to drop into his lap with no effort on his part. He gets very upset when I tell him “It ain’t gonna happen!”

I am reminded of some stories which speak to the issue of ‘God/Goddess Will Provide’ or ‘Let Go Let God/Goddess.’

In the first story, floodwaters had risen to the level of a person’s porch. Someone in a truck came by and offered to give the man a ride out of the flooding area.

“No,” he said. “God will provide.”

The floodwaters continued to rise and the man had to climb onto his roof. A boat came by and offered him a ride.

“No,” he said. “God will provide.”

The floodwaters continued to rise, drowning the man. When he arrived in Heaven, he asked God why He didn’t save him.

“I sent you a truck and a boat. You refused to get in them.”

I heard another story which speaks to this belief by Joe Vitale.

A man had a beautiful garden in his backyard. Another man saw it and stopped to admire it.

“You have a beautiful garden here,” the second man said. “It’s really God’s garden, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but you should have seen it when God was taking care of it himself.”

To create what we want in our lives, we must take the steps necessary to create it. The Universe will give us assistance, but it is up to us to accept the help. It is up to us to go places where we can meet people. It is up to us to go to school to learn a profession. It is up to us to pick up a pen or the computer to write. The Universe cannot make those efforts for us.

Take the steps today to create what you want in your life. Decide what you REALLY want. Write down what is needed to create it. Then start taking the steps necessary to make it a reality.


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