Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, February 2017 – Shaman’s Death


Today is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the first Eclipse of February 2017. The energies are causing us to release our old, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, February 2017 - Shaman's Death by Claudia McNeelyoutdated beliefs, which can be painful, but essential for us to move into the new energies. There is a lot of Karmic clearing occurring, personally as well as Globally.

We are experiencing the dividing of the two Earths, which I feel fully occurred on Election Day. Many of us, though we did not vote for Trump, felt a sense of peace wash over us when we learned of the election results. Our Angels told us that all was in Divine Order and that we should Trust the process.

Others moved immediately to fear and hate. Unfortunately, many of them were ‘Lightworkers’. Social Media, especially Facebook, has been so filled with hate, bitterness and cruelty that I have had to ‘unfriend’ hundreds of people. Many others have had to do the same.

Those of us who have been attempting to embody Unconditional Love, moved even further into Unconditional Love. Those who were filled with fear, moved even further into fear. This caused a huge divide between humanity throughout the world. It allowed these people to be controlled by the Elite/Cabal, convinced to march and riot against the will of the Creator, which was a Trump Presidency. The Elite is taking advantage of their fear, and creating even more fear in them through false news stories in the Main Stream Media, such as CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, and other news sources. 

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, February 2017 - Shaman's Death by Claudia McNeelyThis Eclipse will give us the opportunity to release the hold our Ego holds on us, and allow our Higher Self to take control instead. Will this create more division between us, or bring us together in Unconditional Love? This is a choice we must all make. 

Our Pineal and Pituitary Glands will be activated by the energies, causing us  to experience headaches, vision issues, dizziness, confusion and difficulty thinking. Our Heart Chakra will also be activated, bringing up old emotional wounds to be healed, causing us to feel sad, depressed, hopeless and helpless. All this reconstruction will cause us to be exhausted, so be kind to yourself through this transformation. 

The perfect representation of what we are experiencing is the Shaman’s Death Card from The Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams. It has always been my favorite prayer. It reads: 

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, February 2017 - Shaman's Death by Claudia McNeelyGrandfather,
I do ask for death,
For the parts of me,
That will not hear
Or speak the Truth,
Which are too blind to see.

Give me birth again,
With Love as my guide,
Truth and Beauty as my path,
With nothing left to hide.

How are you going to choose to move through this Shaman’s Death? Are you going to choose to become Unconditional Love, and release all your judgement; or you going to continue to be on the side of fear and hate? Will you move on into the 4th Dimension with Mother Earth, or remain in the 3rd Dimensional Earth?

It is your choice, make sure you make the right one. 


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