Focus On Love In This Time Of Tragedy

copyright 2001, After World Trade Center Disaster Claudia McNeely

It is more important than ever for us to focus on what we wish to manifest. If we focus on the horror and atrocity that happenedFOCUS ON LOVE IN THIS TIME OF TRAGEDY Tuesday, we will bring more of that into our lives. Instead it is now even more important that we focus on love. Surround this situation and all involved with love, and keep that love as your focus.

My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones in this attack. I in no way wish to minimize that loss. But, I would ask that you look at this situation from a higher perspective, to see things in a different way. To look at life in a different way.

Life is much like a play, each person playing a role in the story. Each person involved in this situation is playing the role their soul agreed to play when this time came. Those who lost their lives agreed to play that part to help humanity to learn a very valuable lesson. The souls of those who played the role of hijacker agreed to play that part to help humanity with this lesson. Do we hate the actor who plays the ‘bad guy’ in a movie? Neither should we hate these people who have played this role. That is part of our lesson, to be able to love the unlovable.

There have been many chances in our recent past to learn this lesson. To learn to forgive and love the unlovable. We did not learn the lesson, so again, the opportunity has presented itself and on such a grand scale. We must learn this lesson now so that these people’s deaths are not in vain. Do not allow the fear that many are urging us to feel to affect you.

Do not allow the fear of more attacks to enter your reality. Do not allow the fear about the economy to enter your reality. Do not allow the fear of war to enter your reality. Simply surround all these situations and the people who are encouraging them with love.

As I have said before, worry is prayer for what you don’t want. By allowing this fear to enter our reality, we are praying for those things to happen, to become our reality. Trust that all will lead us to a better place. Trust that our country and our leaders will be led to see things from a higher perspective, to be able to enter their heart center, to allow love to prevail. I am not saying that this attack should be ignored.

I am not saying that we should not strike back. If someone attacks us in any way, we are within our right to strike back. But, this striking back can be done from a place surrounded by love instead of anger and fear. By attacking from a place of love, the ‘war’ will last less time, be more focused, and less emotional.

Help by your own thoughts and actions to manifest this place of love. To manifest this higher perspective. Spread the word so the lives which have been lost will achieve what they were meant to achieve. Help the world to move into a higher place as it is meant to.

Spend every moment of every day focused on love. Allow only love to be your reality.


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