Finding Peace


Peace has been a goal for many of us for a very long time. Some feel that it is a pipe dream, something that is unattainable. Finding Peace by Claudia McNeely

In reality, we cannot create peace. Peace is something that is inside of us. It is either there, or it isn’t. It isn’t something that we can create, or bring into being.

It is already there, inside of us, waiting for us to discover it.

We cannot create peace. We can only look within ourselves, within our heart, and find where we have stored it, where we have hidden it. It is up to us to discover the peace that is within each of us, dust it off, and learn to live it.

Living peace can be very difficult in our chaotic world. This has been shown to me through a personal relationship lately. When someone is pushing your buttons, it is very hard to stay peaceful.

We must all practice living our lives from this state of peace no matter what is going on in the world around us. This is spoken of in the Bible as being ‘of this world, but not in it’. We must learn to stay in a state of peace irregardless of how chaotic the world gets around us.

Our world is getting more chaotic daily. We are moving into even more chaotic energy which could bring more financial issues, food shortages, more natural disasters and more man-made disasters.

It is important for humanity as a whole that we learn to stay centered in the ‘peace that surpasses all understanding’.

As the world falls apart around us, we will be able to move through it easier if we can stay peaceful and open to divine guidance at all times. This will allow us to be where we need to be, doing what we need to be doing at all times.

Finding the peace within is what will allow us to live our lives as divinity at all times.

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