Fear And The Collective Consciousness – Let’s Refuse To Play

The Collective Consciousness is made up of the shared beliefs and attitudes within a society. These shared beliefs and attitudes areFear and the Collective Consciousness - Let's Refuse To Play what unite us as a family, a community or worldwide.

Much is being done at this time to fill our Collective Consciousness with fear – fear of a recession, fear that we can’t pay our bills, fear of other people, fear of other countries, and so much more. This fear mongering is occurring worldwide.

At this time, the stock market is fluctuating wildly, banks have had to be bailed out, homes are being foreclosed on, the presidential candidates are attempting to spread fear and hatred, etc. The best thing we can do at this time is to refuse to buy into the fears, to refuse to play the game! Fears are always related to things from the past or the future. If you stay in the now, only focusing on what is happening in your life right now, you will not be caught up in the fear that is being spread, which will reduce the amount of fear that is in the Collective Consciousness. The more of us who refuse to experience fear, the less fear will be in the Collective Consciousness. If we instead focus on Love and Peace, we will increase the amount of Love and Peace that is in the Collective Consciousness, which will benefit all of us.

As more and more of us focus on Love and Peace, the thoughts that make up our Collective Consciousness will also shift to Love and Peace. This is the best way to create the world peace and unity that we have all dreamed of.

October 2008 Claudia McNeely


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