Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you charge for Psychic Readings and Alternative Healing when you should do it for free?

There was time when the healers of the community did not need to charge. When someone visited the healer, they brought gifts, food and other needed items. The healer wanted for nothing because everything was provided to them. Today, no one brings these things when they visit a healer.

Just as everyone else, I have bills and a family to feed. I charge my clients for the time that I spend with them, just as every one else is paid by their employer for their time. There must be some type of energy exchange, and money is a form of energy. I have found that people do not value what is given to them freely.


 How long have you been doing readings and healing?

I have been doing readings since the early 1990’s.


 Do you use Tarot Cards?

No, my Psychic Readings are strictly Clairvoyant Psychic Readings. I see, hear and feel messages from your Guides and Angels.


 Can you help me find a lost item?

Sometimes I can find lost items, sometimes I can’t. It depends on whether the item wants to be found.


 Will you tell me who I am going to marry or where I will meet them?

No, I will not answer questions such as this. I will tell you if I see you marrying the person you are currently seeing or how to attract the perfect mate.

We have more choice now than at any other time in history. You can create whatever reality you choose to create. By giving you a name or a place, I am taking away your free will and I choose not to do that. I will help you to create the future that you want.


 Will you give me the winning lottery numbers?

If I knew the winning lottery numbers, I would keep them to myself so that I could win. No psychic can tell you this.


 I don’t have any money right now, will you do a Session and let me pay you later? I promise I will.

Due to past experience, you must pay for your Session in advance. If you absolutely cannot afford a Healing Session, we can work out a payment plan or another method of exchange.


 I only have one question, will you answer it for free?

No, I do not offer free Readings. The 15 Minute Reading was designed for this purpose.


What if I can’t keep my appointment?

If you must miss the appointment, you must contact me in advance to reschedule. If you are not available at the scheduled time, you will be charged for the session and we will not reschedule.


What about refunds?

I do not offer refunds.