Energy Symptoms Relief


In the many years that I have been writing the daily Energy Reports, I have seen our symptoms continue to increase and change. We are not only being affected by the Sun, other Planets, Gamma Ray Bursts and other natural phenomena, but I have learned we are also being affected by man made energies, such as CERN, HARRP, Radiation, Microwaves, etc.

As the things affecting us has increased, our ability to block them have decreased.

I have had a computerized Radionics Program for about 20 years, and have used it successfully for many things. I have used it to keep my family free from flu and other illnesses during the winter, relieve my back pain and manifest money.

It occurred to me recently that it might help with the symptoms we have all been having, so I asked for volunteers for a test. Out of the 8 people who volunteered, only 1 had minimal results from it. Some had an almost complete reversal of symptoms, while others experienced moderate relief.

This test has proven to me that this program will help those who are suffering from these debilitating energies. Sign up today and get the relief you have craved!

The Energy Symptoms Radionic Program is designed to neutralize the energies affecting you and put up a shield of protection. Sign up now!


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