Energy Report For Wednesday, August 23, 2017 – Eclipse Hangover


Welcome beautiful beings to a Truthful, no fluff Energy Report! 


Angel Message for today:

I feel this message is still very important and needed, so I am leaving it for now.Energy Report For Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - Eclipse Hangover by Claudia McNeely

Love. Just simply Love. Love yourself, your neighbors, the homeless, the hungry, ANTIFA, Nazis and White Supremacists who are causing violence across the US, pedophiles, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Unconditional Love means loving everyone and everything. Love is What The World Needs Now!          


I am only doing short updates for the remainder of August, when there is something to report, so that we can focus only on Love.



Solar and Universal Energies:

The Sun has released several small C Class Flares. The Solar Winds are slightly elevated, with just enough chaotic energy to cause  Geomagnetic Storms intermittently. There is one as I write this. We are still being affected by There are 5 Planets in Retrograde, including Mercury and Saturn which are making the energies even more chaotic. As Saturn is preparing to return to direct motion on Friday, it is bringing up karma for us to complete. It is heavy, and putting a lot of pressure on us.

The Elite/Cabal/Dark Government has increased their efforts to incite violence, with ANTIFA actually clashing with the police. They have carried large boards with nails in the end of them to use to stab people or Police horses. It is essential now that we stay focused on Love and Peace, seeing us on the positive timeline. 

Arrests should begin very soon. Make sure you have plenty of popcorn on hand and enjoy the show! 


Energies Affecting us in order:

We are being affected today by Solar Energies, Astrological Alignments, Artificial Intelligence Messages, Directed Energy, Mind Control, Voice of God Technology and Radiation. 

Not affecting us today are Cosmic Radiation, ElectroMagnetic Fields, Gamma Rays, Cosmic Rays, Electronic Harassment, Energetic Space War, Photon Belt, Alcyone, Collective Consciousness, Weather Wars, Unknown Energies, Ultrasound, Satellite Terrorism, Pain Ray, Ley Line manipulation, Chemtrails, Cell Towers, Gwen Towers, HAARP, CERN and Nibiru.  

My first awareness of the Geomagnetic Storm was when I got a slight headache a few hours ago. My back was feeling great after having trigger point injections, and I actually thought I might get some housework done today. The Sun had other ideas. The Solar Energies can cause headache, increased aches and pains, vision issues, heart palpitations, itchy skin, burning skin, hot flashes, sweating, digestive issues, foot pain, anxiety, depression, exhaustion and inability to sleep. 

The Eclipse energies have been very intense. Everyone is feeling them, whether they are aware of them or not. A LOT of people have had health issues become so intense that they could no longer be ignored. My BFF had a massive heart attack, and while I was visiting her, I received a call that my brother had to have emergency surgery. Thankfully both are fine. Maybe this is being caused by Saturn, or another planet, so if you have been putting off a health issue, have it taken care of now before it becomes an emergency and you have no choice.

Since the eclipse, many of us feel like we have a hangover. Many are complaining of being dizzy, nauseated, out of balance and exhausted. I have had such a peaceful feeling since it occurred. I wish everyone was feeling as wonderful as I am. I could feel the energy coming in through my Crown Chakra and moving down. Others felt it in other Chakras. I have a knowing that everything is going to be beautiful moving forward. I am seeing miracles everywhere. There is a different treatment that we are going to try on my back, that I just know is going to help. I cried all the way home from the doctor’s office when we discussed it, from pure joy that I was going to soon be pain free, or at least to a manageable level. I am sleeping a LOT, but am very busy on other realms instead of resting. I am sure many of us are doing this.

Remember to Be Love. Take a deep breath before you react, reply or send that text. Drink a lot of fluids. I Love you all!   

Please see previous Reports for suggestions for treating any symptoms and other information. 






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