Energy Report For Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Welcome beautiful beings! I will begin today’s Energy Report in a moment.

Where you place your focus is what you will create. Pay attention to what you are focused on. Are you focused on your pain, your loneliness, your debt? Focus instead on vibrant health, loving everyone, the things you have, the beauty of life. Focusing on the positive things in your life, and being grateful for them, will bring more wonderful things to you.

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This Energy Report is free to all. If it does not resonate with you, or brings your fears to the surface, then Energy Report For Tuesday, November 22, 2016it is either not for you, or is giving you the opportunity to heal your fear.

Solar Winds spiked early this morning, then went back down. They are only slightly elevated at the moment. The picture to the right shows the massive Hole that is visiting us once again, the smaller one facing us and another small one about to come around. Please join me in asking the Salamanders and other Fire Spirits to close the massive Hole so it won’t be so large when it comes back around in a couple of weeks. Imagine the hole closing up and becoming smaller. A Solar Flare occurred as the Sun Spot moved around to the back side, releasing a Coronal Mass Ejection that was not Earth directed. Those of us who are sensitive felt it anyway. There was a 6.9 Earthquake near Fukushima, Japan yesterday, with numerous aftershocks, any 5+. A small tsunami caused much fear in the area. Fiji felt a 5.0.

The following list is in the order that we are being affected. We are being affected today by Solar Energies, Alcyone, Weather Modification, Nibiru, astrological alignments, Gamma Rays, Radiation, Pain Ray, Microwaves, Ley Line Manipulation, mind control, chemtrails, Artificial Intelligence messages, Weather Wars, CERN, HAARP, Electronic Harassment, ElectroMagnetic Fields, Collective Consciousness, Unknown Energies, Cosmic Rays, energetic weapons and the Energetic Space WarCERN has a new project called ‘Awake’ that has been used to open a Stargate.  Please continue to throw energetic monkey wrenches, lightening bolts and Love bombs into CERN. (If anyone has ideas of what the ‘Unknown Energies’ could be, please leave a comment below.) 

Many of us have been seeing Demons around, some seeing them more clearly than others. I feel that the Cabal/Elites/Powers That Be, did something to open a portal and invited them in. They are only hear to feed off the fear and hate, and will not bother those of us who are not getting caught in those emotions. It is essential to stay in your heart. Remember to breathe to keep yourself in the Now. Trust that the Creator is creating an outcome that is beneficial to all of humanity. The Powers That Be are not happy that they are losing, and anything can happen at this point. They have been known to create a terrorist attack to gain back their power, so it is a good idea to be prepared by having extra food and water on hand, toilet paper, pet food, cash, etc. Hopefully it will not be needed, but there is no way of knowing how this will end.

The Water Protectors in North Dakota continue to need our energy and prayers of protection. One of the Water Protectors lost her hand because of a concussion grenade. Please send healing energy to her. Please imagine the Water Protectors and the White Hats, who are trying to stop the corruption, surrounded by protective energy. Send Love Bombs to the police officers and those who are caught in hate and fear. The protectors at Standing Rock are in need of subzero sleeping bags, warm clothes, medical supplies, etc. You can send them Amazon or Walmart gift cards or mail them new items. Visit to learn more.

Aches and pains have increased today. I am sure it will increase more once the Solar Winds finally arrive. Hands and feet are hurting from the Chakras there being opened and activated. Our Root Chakra is being affected by all that is happening in the world right now. Many feel that they have lost their foundation, and many don’t feel safe. This is also causing our feet to hurt. Grounding is very important, as is keeping the Root Chakara cleansed and protected. We continue to experience neck pain and stiffness, back pain, shoulder pain, arm pain,  joint pain, muscle pain, colds, allergies, pneumonia, coughing, dizzy, fuzzy head, confusion, low energy, sadness, depression, grief, fear, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, vivid dreams, active dreams and exhaustion. Children and Animals are mischievous and needy. Reports of hospitalizations and deaths continue. 

There is no reason to suffer from the Energy/Ascension symptoms any longer. I have found a way to neutralize and block them. Order your Energy Symptoms Relief today!

Because of the negativity of the ‘Lightworkers’, I have decided to close Earth Sensitives Mastering Ascension and open a new Facebook Group Truth and Love Warriors Creating a New World of Peace.  All are welcome to join with the understanding that we will be talking about politics, corruption, ‘conspiracy’ as well as spiritual topics.  

Remember to breathe deeply to bring yourself back to Now. As usual, drink lots of water to release the toxins that have been, and will be stirred up. A Sea or Himalayan Salt bath, shower or foot soak will also help to release the toxins. Raw foods are easier to digest. Magnesium and Potassium will help with muscle cramps. We need to increase our Vitamin D3, C and B vitamins. Milk Thistle will help with detoxing the liver. Charcoal will also help with detox. Be kind to yourself and others. It is also essential that we keep our energy field cleansed and protection around us at all times to lessen our symptoms.

These intense energies continue to cause lots of trauma on all levels. I can help you to release this trauma and return your lost Soul Pieces, through a Heart and Soul Healing.

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