Energy Report For Thursday, February 16, 2017


Welcome beautiful beings! 


Angel Message for today:

Open up your Heart today and allow the Angels to assist you in healing the Pain that you hold there. So many of your hearts have been broken. Allow us to bring Healing and Peace to your Heart as you remember to breathe deeply. We are here to assist with your Healing if you will only Allow it, if you will not close us off. So Open up and Allow your Heart to be Healed.


This Energy Report is free to all.

If it does not resonate with you, or brings your fears to the  surface, then it is  either   not  for  you, Energy Report For Thursday, February 16, 2017 by Claudia McNeely or   is  giving  you the opportunity to heal your fear.


Solar and Universal Energy:

Solar Winds are only slightly elevated from the long Coronal Hole. The Winds may get more intense before the last of the Hole moves away from Earth. There was a 5.0 Earthquake in Indonesia, 5.6 Indonesia, 5.0 Indonesia, 5.0 Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 5.2 Chile and 5.1 Fiji. 

Energies Affecting us in order:

Voice of God Technology  CERN, Cosmic Rays, Microwaves, Photon Belt, Unknown Energies, Artificial Intelligence messages, Gamma Rays, Collective Consciousness, Energetic Space War, Energetic Weapons, ElectroMagnetic Fields, Astrological Alignments, Mind Control, HAARP, Alcyone, Radiation, Electronic Harassment, Nibiru, Ley Line manipulation, Weather Wars, Weather Modification, Schumann Resonance, Solar Energies, Cell Towers, Chemtrails,  and Pain Ray. CERN has a new project called ‘Awake’ that has been used to open a Stargate. Please continue to throw energetic monkey wrenches, lightening bolts and Love bombs into CERN. (If anyone has ideas of what the ‘Unknown Energies’ could be, please leave a comment below.)

Current Events affecting us and Sending Love:

The Water Protectors have been ordered to leave Standing Rock Camp, but they are being arrested as they try to leave camp. They have received an eviction notice. Anyone trying to enter the camp is also being arrested. Please email or call your representatives and the White House. Since the White House phones are turned off, you can send a message to Trump here. I post many petitions on my timeline on Facebook that can be signed. We have to make our voices heard now, there is no more time to waste. 

The Water Protectors and Veterans, who are headed to Standing Rock, need our Love, Prayers and support as they fight to stop the completion of DAPL pipeline. The Water Protectors, throughout the world continue fighting the black snake. They, along with the White Hats working to stop corruption and even President Trump need our protection. Please imagine them surrounded by protective energy. Also see any closed hearts opening.

Imagine that the Earth is small enough to fit between your hands, and spend time each day sending Love to it and all who reside here, including the animals. That will help with this transition.



The Voice of God Technology remains very strong, according to the list above. I wonder if this could be the cause of us still having loud ear noise, even though the Solar Winds are calm? We may not consciously being able to hear the messages, but only static. I still suggest not believing any channeled messages right now. These Technologies are used to make people think they are hearing God, Masters or other beings, but the information given through it is almost completely false. Almost all of the channeled messages these days are actually from Voice of God Technology and Artificial Intelligence Messages. This is just another form of mind control that is being used on us. There is a spiritual website that gets shared all over Facebook that is using mind control. I contacted them about the way their pages are designed, and they told me they were doing that to control how the readers mind works when reading the articles. How many other websites are doing that to us, with us totally unaware? I have written an Energetic Clearing Technique Clearing to Stop Mind Control. Be sure to use it daily. 

Thanks to Friday’s Full Moon Eclipse, we continue to be  exhausted and achy. Everything we thought we were has been changed, and it is up to us to fill this emptiness with Love. The Crown and Third Eye Chakras are causing headaches, vision issues and activation of the Pineal and Pituitary Glands. Our Throat Chakra continues being activated, causing our neck, throat, shoulder, and upper back to be stiff and achy. It can also cause hoarseness. The Heart Chakra is opening, causing us to re-experience the emotions that caused heartache.  The Root Chakra is causing us to feel ungrounded, dizzy and unbalanced. Focusing is difficult and our short term memory does not exist. Clients report finding it difficult to trust their intuition. We must learn to trust the very first sign of our intuition before our mind, or mind control, causes us to question it. This is more essential now than ever. We have no energy or motivation and can’t seem to get enough sleep. Chemtrail flu is causing many to have issues with asthma, breathing difficulties, allergies, colds, flu and pneumonia. Sleep continues to be difficult, with very active, vivid dreams. 

Children and Animals are active and needy. 

Reports of hospitalizations and deaths continue to increase. There has also been an increase in reports of Children and Animals being hurt, kidnapped and lost. 


Relief from energy symptoms:

There is no reason to suffer from the Energy/Ascension symptoms any longer. I have found a way to neutralize and block many of them. Order your Energy Symptoms Relief today!

Be kind to yourself. Listen to your body and rest as needed. Remember to breathe deeply to bring yourself back to Now. As usual, drink lots of water to release the toxins that have been, and will be stirred up. A Sea or Himalayan Salt bath, shower or foot soak will also help to release the toxins. Raw foods are easier to digest. Magnesium and Potassium will help with muscle cramps. We need to increase our Vitamin D3, C and B vitamins. Milk Thistle will help with detoxing the liver. Charcoal will also help with detox. Be kind to yourself and others. It is also essential that we keep our energy field cleansed and protection around us at all times to lessen our symptoms.

These intense energies continue to cause lots of trauma on all levels. I can help you to release this trauma and return your lost Soul Pieces, through a Heart and Soul Healing.

I have found an amazing product that is helping me tremendously! I have tons of energy, unfortunately my back pain is preventing me from acting on it, though. In the 2 months I have been taking it, I have released 15 lbs of the weight that I gained from the steroid injections, without changing what I was eating; and continue to release at least a pound a day. I am very impressed, and highly recommend it. Thanks to Fukishema, we are all probably Iodine deficient. Try it and let me know how it works for you!

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