Energy Report For Sunday, September 10, 2017 – Another X Class Flare and Geoengineering


Welcome beautiful beings to a Truthful, no fluff Energy Report! 


Angel Message for today:

The energies at this time are assisting in the dividing of the Dimensions. Some of you are in the 3rd Dimension, Energy Report For Sunday, September 10, 2017 - Another X Class Flare and Geoengineering by Claudia McNeely experiencing the trauma of Fires and Hurricanes, and some of you have vibrated into the 4th Dimension where there is only Love. Find your Peace in the storms, which are being created to cause fear to pull you back into the 3rd Dimension. Stay in your heart and Trust that all is as it should be.  


I am going to continue doing short Reports, when there is something to report, so that I can continue to heal, and we can focus only on Love. Collectively, we are going through another Dark Night of the Soul, as we become overwhelmed by the energies and emotions moving through the Collective Consciousness. Is this the Ascension we have all been waiting for? 



Solar and Universal Energies:

I am guessing that the departing Sun Spot wanted to go out with a bang, releasing a high X Class Flare a couple of hours ago. There is also a Coronal Hole turning to face Earth. The Western US continues to burn, and there are 2 Hurricanes still headed for the US. Hurricane Irma has just made landfall in the Florida Keys. It sat just below Florida yesterday, as they fed it with blasts of steam, send energy to it and pulsed it with 5G energies. It had slowed to a Category 3, and they were trying to increase the strength. They were not successful, and according to people in the storms, the Weather Channel is lying about the severity. More on this in a moment. Behind Irma is Jose. 

I want to show you proof of the Geoengineering in the below video by Suspicious Observers. Sad he has no idea what he is seeing. At 1:28 notice the rippled HAARP waves on the left side of Irma, and all of the clouds covering the Gulf on that side. Around 1:33, a wave of energy comes through, and wipes all of that off the screen. The HAARP ripples continue up the East Side of Irma until he switches to another graph at 1:40. 

In the past, such as with Hurricane Katrina, we have been able to slow or move storms so that they are less dangerous. This did not work with Harvey and is not working with Irma. No matter what we psychics do, it continues on the course and strength it is being steered. These storms have been created using Geoengineering, such as HAARP, Nexrad and other technologies, and the government has control of them. They knew the Flares and storms were coming and are using them to their advantage. I was finally able to get under Irma yesterday to attempt to move the moisture from it to the Western US where the fires are. I had a little success, but it quickly drained my energy. Unfortunately, much of the Earth is now being flooded, including Bangladesh, Mumbai, Spain and other areas. Millions of people have been displaced and crops ruined.

It is a good idea to be sure to have enough food and supplies to last several weeks, or more. Don’t forget medications, pet food and toilet paper. Have cash on hand, in case ATM’s are not working. Be sure you have plenty of water. Keep your car filled with gas, and have extra is possible. If something happens, get yourself and your family to safety as quickly as possible, then you can start helping others to safety. I feel things will get worse before they get better, since this is an all out weather war between the Elite/Cabal and White Hats in the Trump administration. Trump removing us from the Climate Accord ruined their plans for their New World Order, and they are really pissed about it. They are almost out of time, and will not be successful. 

This is hopefully the last death throes of the Elite/Cabal. They are going to destroy as much as possible on their way out. They still want a Civil War, but so far, that has not worked. They are also still trying to get a World War started. We cannot change what they have planned, but we can keep our vibrations high and refuse to participate in the fear they are trying to generate. They feed on fear, so we must starve them with Love.

Be ready and willing to help those in the disaster areas in any way you can. Be careful where you donate money, and make sure that it will actually go to helping those who really need it. Definitely do not donate anything to the Red Cross. Find local charities to donate to.


Energies Affecting us in order:

We are being affected today by Solar Energies, Weather Wars, Electronic Harassment, Directed Energy and Unkno

Not affecting us today are wn Energies.

Artificial Intelligence Messages, Gamma Rays,  Voice of God Technology, Astrological Alignments, Chemtrails, Radiation, Photon Belt, Ultrasound, Cosmic Rays, Mind Control, Cell Towers, Satellite Terrorism, Alcyone, Collective Consciousness, Cosmic Radiation, ElectroMagnetic Fields, Energetic Space War, Pain Ray, Ley Line manipulation, Gwen Towers, HAARP,  Nibiru and CERN. 

The Solar Energies can cause headache, increased aches and pains, vision issues, heart palpitations, itchy skin, burning skin, hot flashes, sweating, digestive issues, foot pain, irritability, anxiety, depression, exhaustion and inability to sleep. Many of us are eating more than normal, and anger issues are increasing. 

Many of us are not feeling the normal symptoms from these flares, but are feeling more balanced and peaceful instead. It has been said we will become more of what we already are from them. Those who have raised our vibrations, will continue to rise. Those who are filled with fear and hate will become more fearful and hateful. Those who are mentally unstable will become more mentally unstable. Do what you must to stay balanced through this chaos. 

Remember to Be Love. Take a deep breath before you react, reply or send that text. Drink a lot of fluids. There is a good chance we will begin to see symptoms of Ascension Flu, so do as much as possible to detox on all levels. I Love you all!   

Please see previous Reports for suggestions for treating any symptoms and other information.







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