Energy Report For Monday, August 7, 2017 – Love is Everywhere


Welcome beautiful beings to a Truthful, no fluff Energy Report! 


Angel Message for today:

Forgive those you feel have wronged you. You don’t know what has happened in their life to cause them to act asEnergy Report For Monday, August 7, 2017 - Love is Everywhere by Claudia McNeely they do. Take a step back, open your heart and see the situation from a different perspective. Choose to see everything from a place of Love and forgiveness. Allow things to just be, with no judgment.    


I am only going to do short updates for the remainder of August, when there is something to report, so that we can focus only on Love.


Solar and Universal Energies:

All is quiet today. Solar Winds remain a bit high, but are steadily dropping back to normal. Mother Earth has been busy, but I am only going to post Earthquakes that are 5.7 and above this month. There was a 5.7 Solomon Islands, 5.8 Southeast Indian Ridge, 5.8 New Guinea.  


Energies Affecting us in order:

We are being affected today by Solar Energies, Cosmic Rays, Cosmic Radiation, Mind Control, Gamma Rays, Voice of God TechnologyPhoton Belt and Astrological Alignments.

Not affecting us today are Radiation, Electronic Harassment, ElectroMagnetic Fields, Artificial Intelligence Messages, Alcyone, Energetic Space War, Collective Consciousness, Weather Wars, Unknown Energies, Ultrasound, Satellite Terrorism, Pain Ray, Ley Line manipulation, Chemtrails, Cell Towers, Directed Energy, Gwen Towers, HAARP, CERN and Nibiru.


Please see previous Reports for suggestions for treating any symptoms and other information. 




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