Energy Report For Friday, February 24, 2017


Welcome beautiful beings! 


Angel Message for today:

Rejoice in the tiniest Miracles that happen each day. You choose to only see the big Miracles while discounting the small ones. The fact that a seed can grow into a flower is an amazing Miracle. The fact that an acorn can grow into a massive tree is truly a miracle. When you find a penny on the ground, what a Miracle that is! Recognize the Miracle when you see a bird in flight. When you can see everything as a Miracle, you will have more and larger Miracles to Rejoice! .


This Energy Report is free to all.

If it does not resonate with you, or brings your fears to the  surface, then it is  either   not  for  you, or   is  giving you the opportunity to heal your fear.Energy Report For Friday, February 24, 2017 by Claudia McNeely


Solar and Universal Energy:

Solar Winds are very high, causing a short Geomagnetic Storm and instability all night. We are between 2 large Coronal Holes, so by the time these ease up, more will probably arrive. The Sun has been releasing tiny B Class Flares, with 1 barely making it to C Class. There was a 5.1 Earthquake in Fiji, 5.0 Zemlya,  5.2 Fiji, 5.9 Zambia, 5.3 South Georgia, 5.0 Indonesia, 5.0 Indonesia and 5.1 New Zealand. As I was writing this report, a 6.6 occurred in Fiji. The Schumann Resonance is low because the Solar Winds are high. There will be a Solar Eclipse on Sunday. 

Energies Affecting us in order:

Solar Energies, Mind Control, Voice of God Technology, Artificial Intelligence messages, Astrological Alignments, Collective Consciousness, Energetic Space War, Chemtrails, Electronic Harassment, Photon Belt, Weather Wars, HAARP, Weather Modification, Cosmic Rays, Ley Line manipulation, ElectroMagnetic Fields, Alcyone, Schumann Resonance, Nibiru, CERN, Unknown Energies, Gamma Rays, Radiation, Microwaves, Cell Towers and Pain Ray. CERN has a new project called ‘Awake’ that has been used to open a Stargate. Please continue to throw energetic monkey wrenches, lightening bolts and Love bombs into CERN. (If anyone has ideas of what the ‘Unknown Energies’ could be, please leave a comment below.)

Current Events affecting us and Sending Love:

As you can see above, a war for control of our minds and thoughts continues. The Elite Cabal is being very successful at causing fear and anger in people, and succeeding quite well, even those who claim to be spiritual. The main stream media has also started talking about the Deep State/Secret Government that actually runs our government, including the corrupt CIA, and their attempt at a coup against Trump. Just as with Kennedy, Trump is in danger of being assassinated. They have very similar astrological charts. It is amazing to see all this secret information actually being told to the sheeple. Whether people like it or not, Trump IS bringing this to light. He is taking the power away from the corrupt CIA and State Department, where the Secret Government operates. He is making our country better by doing this. He made a speech yesterday about human trafficking, and that his people have been working on it for four weeks, and will not stop until it is eradicated. Hopefully they will get the estimated 1/3 of our government who are involved. That is why John McCain and Lindsey Graham, along with many other Republicans and Democrats are trying to find a way to either get him out of office or assassinate him. 

Google has begun blocking websites that it does not agree with, such as Natural News, who has been reporting on the 50 plus deaths of Alternative Doctors for discovering the cancer causing ingredients in vaccines; and Info Wars because they have had a White Hat on the show explaining what is happening in the war against corruption. It is time to stop using Google and find another browser and search site that is not involved with them. You can sign a petition about it here.

Militarized Police arrested many people yesterday, including Reporters and Elders. The fight is not over though, so please email or call your representatives and the White House, which has their phones working again. I post many petitions on my timeline on Facebook that can be signed. We have to make our voices heard now, there is no more time to waste. 

The Water Protectors and Veterans at Standing Rock, need our Love, Prayers and support as they fight to stop the completion of DAPL pipeline. The Water Protectors, throughout the world continue fighting the black snake. They, along with the White Hats working to stop corruption and even President Trump, who the Secret Government is planning to assassinate,  need our protection. Please imagine them surrounded by protective energy. Also see any closed hearts opening.

Imagine that the Earth is small enough to fit between your hands, and spend time each day sending Love to it and all who reside here, including the animals. That will help with this transition.



The Voice of God Technology and Mind control continue to  remains very strong, according to the list above. I have been seeing proof all over Facebook, with people being very irritable, argumentative and acting out of character. The Solar Winds will only make this worse. Many people are feeling hopeless and helpless. This is only some of the messages being sent through their technology. I still suggest not believing any channeled messages right now, especially if it ‘resonates’ with you. That is one way they trap you into believing their lies. These Technologies are used to make people think they are hearing God, Masters or other beings, but the information given through it is almost completely false. Almost all of the channeled messages these days are actually from Voice of God Technology and Artificial Intelligence Messages. This is just another form of mind control that is being used on us. I have written an Energetic Clearing Technique Clearing to Stop Mind Control. Be sure to use it daily. 

Sunday is the New Moon and Solar Eclipse. This will be a time to make a new start, and when this year actually begins for us. By now, we should know what it is that we want to manifest in our lives, so this is a good time to put our energy and focus on that. It would be a good time to create a Vision Board or write our dreams down on paper.

The recent Solar activity and high Solar Winds has left us feeling even more exhausted. Sleep last night was very difficult, with the Geomagnetic activity causing us to feel anxious and energized. It was very difficult to get out of bed this morning, and it seems nothing is going right. I tried to put my contact in, and it tore, making it very painful, but also very difficult to remove. I had to give up and wear my glasses instead. We may see lots of things not working out as planned as we move closer to the Eclipse. The Solar Winds can cause heart palpitations, burning skin, itchy skin, increased pain, irritability and strong emotion, such as sadness, depression and grief. People are already showing signs of irritability and anger. The Crown and Third Eye Chakras continue to be activated, causing headaches, vision issues and activation of the Pineal and Pituitary Glands. Our Throat Chakra continues being activated, causing our neck, throat, shoulder, and upper back to be stiff and achy. It can also cause coughing, hoarseness and mouth and tooth pain. The Solar Plexus Chakra is being affected, causing diet changes, not wanting to eat, digestive issues, nausea and vomiting. The Root Chakra activation is causing us to feel ungrounded, dizzy and unbalanced, so grounding is essential. Focusing is difficult and our short term memory does not exist. We have no energy or motivation and can’t seem to get enough sleep. Hopefully this will change after the Eclipse, Chemtrail flu is causing many to have issues with asthma, breathing difficulties, allergies, colds, flu (the homeopathic Oscillococcinum will help eliminate symptoms)  and pneumonia. Sleep continues to be difficult, with very active, vivid dreams. 

Children and Animals are quiet and needy. My animals have been throwing up and not wanting to eat.

Reports of injuries, hospitalizations and deaths continue to increase. Reports of Children and Animals being hurt, kidnapped and lost continue to occur. 


Relief from energy symptoms:

There is no reason to suffer from the Energy/Ascension symptoms any longer. I have found a way to neutralize and block many of them. Order your Energy Symptoms Relief today!

Be kind to yourself. Listen to your body and rest as needed. Remember to breathe deeply to bring yourself back to Now. As usual, drink lots of water to release the toxins that have been, and will be stirred up. A Sea or Himalayan Salt bath, shower or foot soak will also help to release the toxins. Raw foods are easier to digest. Magnesium and Potassium will help with muscle cramps. We need to increase our Vitamin D3, C and B vitamins. Milk Thistle will help with detoxing the liver. Charcoal will also help with detox. Be kind to yourself and others. It is also essential that we keep our energy field cleansed and protection around us at all times to lessen our symptoms.

These intense energies continue to cause lots of trauma on all levels. I can help you to release this trauma and return your lost Soul Pieces, through a Heart and Soul Healing.

I have found an amazing product that is helping me tremendously! I have tons of energy, unfortunately my back pain is preventing me from acting on it, though. In the 2 months I have been taking it, I have released 15 lbs of the weight that I gained from the steroid injections, without changing what I was eating; and continue to release at least a pound a day. I am very impressed, and highly recommend it. Thanks to Fukishema, we are all probably Iodine deficient. Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Thank you for all of your messages letting me know how much you appreciate the blogs and energy reports. If you would like to make a donation to support them being freely provided you may do so here.


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