Energy Report For Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Peace on Earth begins within you. Are you filled with Peace or are you filled with stress, anger and fear? What you focus on is what you create, so if you want to create Peace, then that is where your focus must be. When you catch yourself feeling a negative emotion, stop, take a deep breath, and place your Focus on your Heart. This will bring you into a state of Peace. Once you can keep yourself in a state of Peace, once more people are able to keep themselves in a state of Peace, you will create the Peace on Earth that you desire. – Claudia McNeely

Shhh! The Sun is quiet and we don’t want to wake it. A Coronal Hole is turning to face us, and Solar Winds are slightly elevated as a result. MotherEnergy Report For Wednesday, June 1, 2016 Earth is not quiet though, releasing a 5.7 Earthquake in Alaska, a 5.1 in New Guinea and a 5.4 in New Zealand. Remnants of the Tropical Storm continue up the East US Coast. There was a Gamma Ray Burst from the Draco Constellation today.

CERN is active and in the middle of an experiment. Texas has been receiving a lot of rain, and I have been noticing on the weather radar that the clouds were moving into perfect squares that are empty of clouds in the middle. This is not normal, and I assume it is caused by HAARP and Weather Manipulation.

Though the intensity is lighter today, the energies remain dense and thick. We continue to be exhausted, sore, achy and emotional. There are headaches, head pressure, vision issues, neck pain, neck stiffness, back pain, muscle aches, muscle cramps, joint pain, joint stiffness, digestive issues, nausea, dizziness, confusion, fuzzy head, sadness, depression, irritability, no motivation, difficulty sleeping, difficulty waking up once we finally get to sleep and extreme exhaustion.

It is essential that we drink lots of water. Dehydration can increase pain and cramping. Raw foods are easier to digest. Remember to breathe deeply. Magnesium and Potassium will help with leg cramps. I am not sure what is causing the Potassium to drain from our bodies, but I have been having to take 2 capsules twice a day to lessen the muscle cramps. Be kind to yourself and others. Spend time in nature. It is also essential that we keep our energy field cleansed and protection around us at all times to lessen our symptoms.

The next few months will not be easy as we learn to Love and accept our Shadow and our buried emotions. I can help you to traverse these energies a bit easier through a Heart and Soul Healing. Discounts will be ending soon, so order now.

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