Energy Report For Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How are you choosing to use your energy? Each day, you have a choice in how you will feel and what you will do. What is the choice you are making? You can choose to have a pity party and feel depressed about all the things you don’t have in your life, how broke you are, how lonely you are. Or, you can choose to be grateful for every small thing that you do have in your life. You can also choose to spend your time making another person’s life better. The more you give, the more you have. If you need more money, gift some of what you do have with a loving heart. If you need more love, gift love to a lonely person. It’s your choice. – Claudia McNeely



The Sun continues to sleep, with no chance of Flaring. Solar Winds remain elevated, but are weakening. Mother Earth is moving and stretching, with aEnergy Report For Tuesday, June 7, 2016 5.4 Earthquake in New Zealand, a 5.1 in Russia, a 5.5 in Fiji, a 6.2 in Mexico and a 5.5 in Mexico. Florida is flooded due to Tropical Storm Colin. There was a Gamma Ray Burst from the Cetus Constellation. Apparently we succeeded in throwing energetic monkey wrenches into CERN, because it is down until Thursday. Keep throwing them in it.

We continue to have headache, head pressure, neck pain and stiffness, shoulder pain, back pain, loud ear noise, heart palpitations, digestive issues, muscle aches, joint pain, anxiety, depression, restlessness, irritability, difficulty sleeping, vivid dreams and exhaustion.

Water represents emotions, and the flooding throughout the world is assisting Mother Earth in releasing the emotions that she has been holding for us. As a result, lots of emotions are flowing through the Collective Consciousness, and since we are all psychic sponges, we absorb them, accepting them as ours, and wondering why we are sad and depressed. The Energetic Clearing Technique will help us to release them.

As usual, drink lots of water to flush out the toxins that have been stirred up by the increased Light. A Sea or Himalayan Salt bath, shower or foot soak will also help to release toxins. Putting 1/2 teaspoon of Salt in a glass of water will help to integrate the energies and detox. Raw foods are easier to digest. Remember to breathe deeply. Magnesium and Potassium will help with leg cramps. Be kind to yourself and others. It is also essential that we keep our energy field cleansed and protection around us at all times to lessen our symptoms.

The next few months will not be easy as we learn to Love and accept our Shadow and our buried emotions. I can help you to traverse these energies a bit easier through a Heart and Soul Healing. Discounts will be ending soon, so order now.

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