Energy Report For Monday, September 26, 2016

Welcome beautiful beings! Before we begin the Energy Report for today, let’s start with a message for today.

The human energy field is used to experience the energies of the world. It absorbs other energies, both good and bad. It absorbs energy from other people, places and things. Some of this energy is beneficial but other energies are not. It is important each day to clear the non-beneficial energy from the energy field to keep it strong and healthy.

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The Sun is crackling, but with only small B Class Flares. A couple made it into the C range this weekend. Solar Winds are only slightly elevated, but theEnergy Report For Monday, September 26, 2016 density of them increased, causing some Geomagnetic Storms and instability off and on through the weekend. The HUGE Coronal Hole that has been affecting us every couple of weeks seems to have moved up on the Sun, so hopefully will not affect us like it has before. There was a 6.0 Earthquake in Japan yesterday, and a 5.0 in Chile.

The following list is in the order that we are being affected. We are being affected today by Unknown Energies, Electronic Harassment, Weather Modification, HAARP, Solar energies, mind control, Cosmic Rays, Weather Wars, chemtrails, ElectroMagnetic Fields, the Energetic Space War, energy from Artificial Intelligence messages, energy from the Collective Consciousness, energetic weapons, Gamma Rays, astrological alignments, Alcyone, and CERNPlease continue to throw energetic monkey wrenches, lightening bolts and Love bombs into CERN. 

I seldom ever take naps, but I spent all weekend sleeping. I just was not able to keep my eyes open. When I was sleeping, my dreams were very active and vivid. I think I was doing work on other realms, but I have no idea what. I feel that something big is about to happen, but I have no idea what. Since Hillary showed up in some of the dreams, I figure it has something to do with the Shadow Government. With the debates beginning tonight, Hillary’s absence and her body doubles things should get very interesting. Be sure to keep lots of popcorn and enjoy the show.

The Geomagnetic Storms and instabilities caused an increases in aches and pains, especially in the upper torso. Shoulders, back, arms and joints were hurting. The energy hit us in the Solar Plexus, causing nausea, digestive issues, excessive hunger, anxiety and strong emotions. We continue to experience headache, neck pain and stiffness, back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, muscle pain, muscle cramps, irritated eyes, vision issues, blurred vision, colds, allergies, pneumonia, dizzy, fuzzy head, confusion, low energy, sadness, depression, grief, fear, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, vivid dreams, active dreams and exhaustion. Children and Animals are active and mischievous. Reports of hospitalizations and deaths continue. There is a virus going around that mimics allergies.

We have been feeling stuck for a very long time, many of us for years. We have no idea what is ahead, or even what we want to manifest. We will know soon, and once again be able to move into our future. Be at peace as the energies continue to change in our favor.

I have received complaints that the Report is the same every day. The energies have been very intense for many months now, and there has not been much of a change in the symptoms we are all experiencing. I do add or remove symptoms when needed, but there has not been much change in a while. The suggestions for surviving this do not change, and I only add new things I find that help.

Remember to breathe deeply to bring yourself back to Now. As usual, drink lots of water to release the toxins that have been, and will be stirred up. A Sea or Himalayan Salt bath, shower or foot soak will also help to release the toxins. Raw foods are easier to digest. Magnesium and Potassium will help with muscle cramps. We need to increase our Vitamin D3, C and B vitamins. Milk Thistle will help with detoxing the liver. Charcoal will also help with detox. Be kind to yourself and others. It is also essential that we keep our energy field cleansed and protection around us at all times to lessen our symptoms.

These intense energies will probably be causing lots of trauma this month. I can help you to release all the trauma from the last few months, ready to move forward once again through a Heart and Soul Healing. Comment in the form below to win a free Heart and Soul Healing Session. I will choose the winner on September 30. Feel free to comment on each Report. It does not matter where you are, as I work with people worldwide.

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  1. Sunny Holmes

    I have been experiencing so much of these symptoms for some time now but seems accelerated now. I’m 71 and have some known health issues but some are ‘mysterious’. Very much into organic food. Your reports have been very helpful and I don’t feel so much like it’s just me not doing something right! I dreamed of Hillary recently also. Lots of intense activity during dreams I don’t remember most of. Thank you!

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      Claudia McNeely

      The energies have been very intense all year. We are all ready for a break. Interesting that you have dreamed about Hillary too. Wish we could remember what we are doing. Something is definitely building up. Maybe the elections will actually be stopped as we have been hearing.

  2. Debra

    Thank you so much, you hit it right on, glad to know it’s just not me, have been clearing negativity with you, but would like to have a Heart and Soul Healing..

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  3. Sunset Dawn

    Thank you, Claudia! The exhaustion seems never ending. I feel that I also have been working intensely during sleep.

  4. Cassandra

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your posts.
    They’re so helpful for understanding what’s going on. To all of your readers, is you want a heart and soul healing, go for it!!! The results are nothing short of amazing!

    Much 💙💚💛💜 to you for all you do!

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