Energy Report For Monday, May 2, 2016


Solar Winds finally arrived last night, causing a few hours at Geomagnetic Storm level. They remain elevated. Flares are minor, in the C Class range, but there were a coupleEnergy Report For Monday, May 2, 2016 of Solar Tornadoes. Another large Coronal Hole is turning to face Earth. There was a Cosmic Ray Burst from the Sagittarius Constellation on Sunday.

CERN is incapacitated thanks to a Weasel chewing through the electric cord, and looks like it will be down all month. Yay! Even though it is down, keep throwing energetic monkey wrenches and more weasels at it! We can prevent it from causing further damage to us or the Earth. HAARP is moderately active across the US.

There has been an increase in accidents, ER visits and deaths recently. The retrograde energies are definitely affecting everyone. The Solar Winds can cause heart palpitations, chest pain, burning skin, itchy skin, hot flashes, sweating, anxiety and irritability. The current energies are hitting us in the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, causing pain in that area of the body. There are also headaches, neck pain and stiffness, back pain, joint pain, muscle aches, muscle cramps, digestive issues, diet changes, excessive hunger or not wanting to eat, difficulty sleeping and exhaustion. We are dizzy and thinking is not clear. Emotional issues continue to come up for healing.

Drink lots of water, more than you think you need. The Solar Winds and Heat dries us out more than we realize. Eat raw foods and take digestive enzymes. Potassium and Magnesium will help with muscle cramps. Be kind to yourself and others. Remember to breathe deeply to stay in the Now. Be Love.

The next few months will not be easy as we learn to Love and accept our Shadow and our buried emotions. I can help you to traverse these energies a bit easier through a Heart and Soul Healing.

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