Energy Report For Friday, February 3, 2017


Welcome beautiful beings! 


Angel Message for today:

Why do humans have so much trouble with acceptance? It is important to accept things as they are, to accept people as they are. Instead, you judge and condemn things as ‘bad’ when they just are. No event is good or bad, no person is good or bad. It is so much easier if you can just accept every thing that happens to you and go with the flow instead of against it. All people are different, no two are the same, but you judge that difference instead of accepting it and loving them anyway. Accept all opportunities presented to you to practice acceptance, to practice Unconditional Love.


This Energy Report is free to all.

If it does not resonate with you, or brings your fears to the  surface,  then it is  either  not
Energy Report For Friday, February 3, 2017 by Claudia McNeely for you, or  is giving you the opportunity to heal your fear.


Solar and Universal Energy:

Solar Winds remain high, with Geomagnetic instability off and on through the night. The winds are slowly calming, but will increase once again over the weekend because of a small Coronal Hole now facing Earth and the arrival of a Coronal Mass Ejection. Mother Earth remains quiet, with a 5.1 in Argentina and a 5.0 Indonesia. Earthquakes usually occur after the Solar Winds have calmed. 

Energies Affecting us in order:

Solar Energies, Cosmic Rays, HAARP, Mind Control, Schumann Resonance, Cell Towers, Artificial Intelligence messages, Gamma Rays, Weather Wars, Weather Modification, Energetic Weapons, Collective Consciousness, Radiation, Ley Line Manipulation, Photon Belt, Microwaves, Energetic Space War, Electronic Harassment, Chemtrails, Unknown Energies, Astrological Alignments, Nibiru, CERN, Alcyone, ElectroMagnetic Fields and Pain Ray. CERN has a new project called ‘Awake’ that has been used to open a Stargate. Please continue to throw energetic monkey wrenches, lightening bolts and Love bombs into CERN. (If anyone has ideas of what the ‘Unknown Energies’ could be, please leave a comment below.)

Current Events affecting us and Sending Love:

Trump continues to create chaos, threatening Iran because they decided to stop using the US Dollar. All of the countries we have bombed have tried  doing that, so we attacked them to get their oil and keep the fiat Dollars flowing. Instead of reigning in Big Pharma, he seems to have moved their side, with massive increases in drug prices once again. Many of us have noticed that the Facebook feeds have fewer posts showing that upset people, and more animal and inspirational posts for a change. Apparently, Facebook, along with the Elite, is performing another social experiment on us to see how much they can affect us. Unfortunately, people do not realize how much they are being mind controlled and manipulated by the Elite, and are falling right in line with their desire to create chaos and a Civil War. We must stop allowing them to have control over our thoughts and emotions, filling the Collective Consciousness with Peace and Love instead of the hate and anger it is filled with now. I have written an Energetic Clearing Technique Clearing to Stop Mind Control. Please use it daily.

Standing Rock is dominating the news again, with Federal and Indian agents going onto the private land where the camps are without permission from the owner or a search warrant. She has given permission for the Water Protectors to be there, and they should not be able to just enter her land as they did. Some Veterans are returning to the Camp, so it is very possible things will get violent again there.

The Water Protectors, throughout the world. continue fighting the black snake. They, along with the White Hats working to stop corruption and even President Trump need our protection. Please imagine them surrounded by protective energy. Also see any closed hearts opening.

Imagine that the Earth is small enough to fit between your hands, and spend time each day sending Love to it and all who reside here, including the animals. That will help with this transition.



The war for our minds, thoughts, and controlling the Collective Consciousness continues. We are very sensitive to the energies being thrown around by individuals, unfortunately many of them ‘Lightworkers’. There is an overabundance of hate, fear and anger filling the Collective Consciousness, causing many of us to feel totally overwhelmed. It is up to us to defeat them, by being Loving and Peaceful. I have written an Energetic Clearing Technique Clearing to Stop Mind Control. Be sure to use it daily. 

As the Solar Winds calm, we hear less of the ear noise that they cause as we hear them roar through. Our Solar Plexus Chakra continues to be intensely affected, causing abdominal pain, back pain, digestive issues, anxiety, stress and anger issues, along with the strong emotions of sadness, grief, fear, etc. The Solar Winds have been causing burning skin, itchy skin, heart palpitations, sweating, hot flashes, headache and irritability, which should continue through the weekend. It is also causing people to be even more angry and easily irritated, so take a deep breath and think before you speak, post or text. Our Third Eye and Crown Chakras are also being activated, causing headaches and migraines. Our neck, shoulder, mouth, teeth and back are stiff and achy. Detox symptoms have begun, causing liver pain, gallbladder pain, lymph gland pain under the arms, foot pain as our grounding cords are stretched, and hand pain. Many of us have been napping during the day, exhausted from the battles we are fighting on the Etheric Realm. Chemtrails are causing many to have issues with asthma, breathing difficulties, allergies, colds and pneumonia. Sleep continues to be difficult, with very active, vivid dreams. 

Children and Animals are active, irritable and needy. 

Reports of hospitalizations and deaths continue to increase. There has also been an increase in reports of Children and Animals being hurt, kidnapped and lost. 


Relief from energy symptoms:

There is no reason to suffer from the Energy/Ascension symptoms any longer. I have found a way to neutralize and block many of them. Order your Energy Symptoms Relief today!

Be kind to yourself. Listen to your body and rest as needed. Remember to breathe deeply to bring yourself back to Now. As usual, drink lots of water to release the toxins that have been, and will be stirred up. A Sea or Himalayan Salt bath, shower or foot soak will also help to release the toxins. Raw foods are easier to digest. Magnesium and Potassium will help with muscle cramps. We need to increase our Vitamin D3, C and B vitamins. Milk Thistle will help with detoxing the liver. Charcoal will also help with detox. Be kind to yourself and others. It is also essential that we keep our energy field cleansed and protection around us at all times to lessen our symptoms.

These intense energies continue to cause lots of trauma on all levels. I can help you to release this trauma and return your lost Soul Pieces, through a Heart and Soul Healing.

I have found an amazing product that is helping me tremendously! I have tons of energy, unfortunately my back pain is preventing me from acting on it, though. In the 2 months I have been taking it, I have released 15 lbs of the weight that I gained from the steroid injections, without changing what I was eating; and continue to release at least a pound a day. I am very impressed, and highly recommend it. Thanks to Fukishema, we are all probably Iodine deficient. Try it and let me know how it works for you!

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